This was another great mother/daughter weekend as Nicole and I headed off to the The Michigan Wolverines’ Winners Sweepstakes Club Annual Spring Meeting in Warren MI.

This year’s theme was Luck of the Irish.

Friday April 21st

I wanted to leave bright and early, but being an entrepreneur sometimes means you have to stay and work.

Once I finished and we were all packed up, there was one pit stop we had to make. My cousin Jason decided to tack on a one day visit to Toronto onto his trip to L.A. before he headed back to Sydney Australia to see our 97 year old grandmother. As we had not seen him in 10 years, this is opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Teta Margo and Jason

We arrived late at the hotel, so we missed the pizza party, but not to late for Nicole to take a dip in the pool or for me to catch up with fellow sweepers.

Saturday April 22nd

We were up an at ’em bright and early to enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel before getting dressed up and heading out to run errands. You should have seen the odd looks we got at the USPS and Starbucks as we had most of our costumes on.

So many passionate sweepers!

We arrived to a full banquet hall. Love the energy of a room full of sweepers, prizes and good food!

So many prizes!

The lunch was delicious as usual. After all the food, the drawings began.

Costume contest entrants.

In the midst of all the drawings was the costume contest. We donned the last pieces and lined up. I was a sun, cloud, raindrops and rainbow. Nicole was gold, a pot and grass. In a sea of leprechaun themed costumes we came in second. YEAH!

Won a lucky bear! Big winner!

Nicole and I had good luck this year winning several fun prizes, including the last prize drawing of the day, a massive pinata filled with 10lbs of chocolate. It will be put to good use for her upcoming birthday party. What is even funnier, is we attended the meeting dressed as a rainbow and pot of gold.

One more prize.

You can see the full photo album on my Facebook Fan Page.  (If you have a picture you would like to add into the album, please email it to me.)

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Hope to see you at one!