Promotion Quality Assurance

Sweepstakes and Contest Auditing

Ever wonder how someone from the outside sees your promotion? Have you designed your sweepstakes to truly meet the goals you intended? We can help you ensure that the promotion you have designed will meet your objectives by performing a structured walk-through of your process.

Sweepstakes and Contest Pre-Testing

As your company designs and implements sweepstakes, it is often difficult for companies to objectively evaluate their sweepstakes. We can evaluate and test the entire sweepstakes process and rules (prior to public release) and ensure that your sweepstakes is operating efficiently and is representing your company in the best possible light.

Sweepstakes Education and Strategies

How do you set-up a sweepstakes or a contest for your company? We can help. By applying years of experience as a competitor and our knowledge of sweepstakes processes and procedures, you can have expert advice on the best way to structure your promotion.