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There are two new sweepstakes and contest portals called PrizeCase and PrizeCase Canada. They have links to Cash, Cars, Trips and Electronics and they change daily. Have fun!

Wear Luck on Your Feet

I bought the coolest pair shoes this weekend. VANS has a classic style slip-on shoe covered with four-leaf clovers. They don’t sell them in their online store any more, so check your local retail outlet or you can buy them online at: SK8SonH8, Plus Skate Shop, or Sole Struck. VANS are unisex shoes so anyone can wear them.

Sweepstakes Edge

Lisa LaFreniere has made a very difficult decision. She is selling Sweepstakes Edge. She loves sweepstaking and running the website, but it is time for her to move on to a new adventure. Email Lisa directly if you are interested in taking over her business.

Law of Attraction

Here are some of my favourite Law of Attraction resources. I handed this list out at the Hershey convention before my LOA speech.

Movies & Books
The Secret

What The Bleep Do You Know?

By Sonia Choquette
Ask Your Guides
Trust Your Vibes

By Wayne Dyer
The Power of Intention
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

By T. Harv Eker
Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

By Barry Goss & Heather Vale (FREE e-book)

By Esther & Jerry Hicks
Ask and it is Given
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent
The Law of Attraction

By Michael Losier
The Law of Attraction

By Joe Vitale
The Attractor Factor
Zero Limits

Two Parts of The Secret No One Talks About—and Why The Secret Won't Work Without Them

Daily Inspirational and Motivational Emails
Dream Manifesto

The Masters of The Secret
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Teachings of Abraham

Totally Unique Thoughts

Hay House &

While at the speaking at the convention I spoke about vibrations and magnetism. I found this very scientific and quirky video explaining string theory and vibration you may find interesting. How the LOA fits into string theory is, when you are in a vibrational match with an item, situation, dream, etc…, whether wanted or unwanted, you attract it in. Remember, the reason you may not be getting what you want is, what you say you want and how you are acting and feeling may be cancelling each other out.

At our last club meeting, one member was saying she really wanted to win a trip. Then in the next sentence, she stated her boss was difficult and she worried she wouldn’t be able to get the time off work. She was cancelling out her desire for a trip. I told her to envision the Universe giving her the perfect trip because when she went into her boss’ office to ask for the time off, it would be granted without any problems what so ever. I hope she wins a trip soon!

Select the Lucky and avoid the Unlucky
Ill-luck is generally the penalty of folly, and there is no disease so contagious to those who share in it. Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it. The greatest skill at cards is to know when to discard; the smallest of current trumps is worth more than the ace of trumps of the last game. When in doubt, follow the suit of the wise and prudent; sooner or later they will win the odd trick.
—Gracian Balthasar – 1637 AD

4' Holiday Tree Included

I got an email that stated it included a 4’ holiday tree. I was so intrigued, I had to check it out. HP created a holiday tree photograph spanning 18 pages. I thought it was so fun, I printed it out and hung it on our front hall closet. Over the next few weeks, my daughter and I will be making little paper decorations to ‘hang’ on it. Print out yours today!


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