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Radio Codes

The response I received from my last newsletter regarding radio codes was amazing. I was glad to see so many of you agree with my point of view. Normally I give credit where credit is due but with the sensitive nature of this topic, I am just reprinting a few of the quotes anonymously.

I just have to be "devil's advocate" on the issue of online code sharing. Don't think I'm against it. I participate freely both give and take when it's contest codes, UPCs etc. I think there is a problem with this line though;

"So what if hundreds of people enter codes. They are just "buying" a chance at a prize. It doesn’t guarantee a win"

The radio stations I frequent don't just have contest entries. If you collect points you can "buy" concert tickets and merchandise or bid on auction items, so they become closer to cash. It's the same idea as "buying" merchandise with PINS or points (e.g. UDVD) but, then there is a one time limit on the PINS. I don't share "private" contest links (e.g. member surveys from private sites or emails) or codes from newsletters etc. because of personal beliefs. On the other hand, anything that can be obtained "publicly", that is on air, in magazines, online etc. since the sponsors want to get awareness and hits to their sites, why not save each other some time and share?

I had issues with JACK FM as well. My husband and I each had an account. They suspended my account and deemed it as suspect. I think it was only because I had a lot of points…I was a faithful listener and did nothing to be robbed and treated like a criminal!! I WAS a loyal listener!! I then sent them an email stating such and they did not reply at all. There is also something in there rules for postal codes. One can only be part of the VIP club if you live in a certain postal code area. I think that is just horrible. What happens if one listens to the station online???

Just as it was difficult for the record industry to shift gears and embrace the new way business was conducted, so too will the radio stations have to embrace the technology, the new business methodology.

Updated Sweepstake Websites

Melanie Rockett (co-author of Winning Ways) has revamped both her Contest Guru and Proof Positive websites. Check them out if you have not visited recently. She did a great job.

1st Annual National Contestors Convention

It is beginning crowded in our home with all the prizes and show bag give-aways now arriving. The most interesting feature is the “wall of soy” in my living room (so kindly donated by Nutrisoya). One end can be seen in this recent article about the hobby and the convention.

In the last issue I posted a link to a blog where people could go to find others to share rooms, rides, etc. We discovered it was not working very well, so we created a Yahoo Group and it seems to have solved the problem. So, if you would like to connect with others attending the convention make sure you visit the ANCC-Canada online group.

The Power of Intention

We received one more great power of (un)intention story to share.

Teresa of Calera AL
This happened a while back and should go under, be careful what you wish for. When the Jeep Cherokee first came out, I really wanted one. I knew exactly what model I wanted. It was fire engine red with dark tinted windows. One I could really play with. I use to love going trail riding through the woods and thought this would be great. So one day I came home from work and there it was. It was a fire engine red with dark tinted windows Jeep Cherokee that I could play with, using a remote control!! After I got through laughing, I gave it to my nephew.

Via Rail Contest

I entered the Via Rail “Beat the Car” Contest and, without asking for any votes, it turns out I am in the top 10. So now, I am asking for your vote to help me win. What I like about this contest is not only do the entrants have a chance at prizes, but you could win a $200 Via Rail travel voucher just for voting!

Click here to view the Creator Rules and the Voter Rules. Contest ends September 5th, 2007. Thanks in advance for your vote and GOOD LUCK!!

Book Signing

I have another book signing with Indigo coming up Saturday October 13th at 2pm in their Toronto Eaton Centre store. This one will be especially fun because not only will I be signing books, having a Q&A session and giving a free I AM LUCKY bracelet to all those in attendance, but the whole thing is being filmed for the CBC Newsworld documentary. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow contestors offline or outside of the club meetings and convention.


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While writing the Canadian edition of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Stamatson who wrote the column on sweepstaking. When I began writing the American edition I discovered Tom had retired and it had been taken over by Sandra Grauschopf. Sandra recently wrote a very good article called Do People Really Win Sweepstakes? I thought you would enjoy. If you don’t already, I also encourage you to subscribe to her weekly e-newsletter.

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Your Questions Answered

Many new subscribers are asking similar questions to ones I have already answered. To read those answers, check our 2005, 2006 and 2007 archives of Your Questions Answered.

Hi Carolyn!
I just came across a contest at and wondered if you had an opinion.

1 Grand Prize: a $500 Garage gift card to be used at any Garage location within a period of 1 year from its date of issuance. Secondary Prizes will be made available based on the number of jeans sold and will consist of a $25 Garage gift card valid at any Garage location from October 4 to October 22, 2007.

I am aware that a new law has just recently passed that enforces a “no expiry date” on gift cards. Do you know if this applies in a situation such as the contest above? i.e. as it is a contest, can the contest sponsor indicate specific dates to use the gift cards?

Thanx for your time and keep up the great work! Happy contesting!!

Hi Tricia,
Even though there is no expiry date on gift cards, the wording in the rules makes it no different than stating a trip won must be taken by such-and-such a date. They are giving the consumer a full year for the Grand Prize. Even if you won the $25, two weeks to spend it in is not unreasonable. When I won $2000 in Roots gift certificates in 2003 they didn’t even last 2 weeks! A girl can never own too many purses.

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