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Radio Codes

In the Toronto area, all the radio stations have added online loyalty listener clubs in addition to their standard phone-in radio contests. Listeners can accumulate points by listening for codes then return to the station’s website, enter the code and rack up points. The points can then be used to “buy” raffle tickets, bid on auction items and even gambled away or increased, via an online slot machine.

What has occurred is the sharing of codes online in various contest and sweepstake groups and forums. The radio stations not only do not like the sharing, they have gone so far as to masquerade as contestors and post code words that deduct points, then ban any person that uses that word  from their website forever.

This bothered me so much I called the Promotions Director at 680 News to get their side of the story because I was hoping to present balanced perspective. After speaking with her, I think the radio stations have found themselves in a situation they have no idea how to handle.

She stressed it is in the Rogers radio station’s rules that code sharing will get you disqualified and your account revoked - e.g. 9. Sharing of JACK Trivia, Bonus Codes, or other JACK VIP Club JACK Points earnings among members is expressly prohibited. Violations will result in the termination of all violating account(s) and/or forfeiture of all accumulated JACK Points.

Now, as a marketing professional, I understand their thinking. They wish to keep the codes for their loyal listeners and they want to be loyal to them. However, I think they are missing the point. The internet has changed the way "the game is played" and they don't like it. This is just like the record companies years ago tried to fight online music and once they embraced it, they saw higher sales. iTunes recently sold its 1,000,000,000,000th song! I think the radio stations need to also embrace the technology and once they do, they will see an increase in listenership especially via the internet nationally.

I have a whole plan in my head of how Rogers, or any other radio company, could utilize their national reach to increase their market share. Until a company pays me what my idea is worth, in my head it will stay. Instead they have chosen to "fight" the contestor. What they are forgetting is the codes had to be obtained somehow and that would be by LISTENING! Isn’t that exactly what they want? For people to listen?! So what if hundreds of people enter codes. They are just "buying" a chance at a prize. It doesn’t guarantee a win. Instead, the radio stations are angering their listeners, who now may not only switch radio stations, but stop purchasing products and services from other arms of the corporation, such as canceling their magazine subscriptions, or switching to another cell phone or internet provider.

I will no longer enter any Rogers’ contests because even if I am not sharing, the fact I am the "Contest Queen", plus they all know me, if my name was pulled, it would be immediately discarded and another winner selected. I would never know or have proof so...

Do not let this situation dampen your spirit. Remember, the whole point of this hobby, is to have fun!

1st Annual National Contestors Convention

We have added another “rock star” to our list. Kimberley Clancy, the owner of Frugal Shopper, will be attending the convention, speaking and donating some prizes! So here’s a shout out to all you Frugalites – attend the convention, get a bag stuffed with samples and freebies, a chance to win heaps of prizes, meet all your online contesting buddies and of course, Kimberley!

For those of you who have yet to book because you wish to car pool or share a hotel room, go to our blog and find a buddy!

Canadian Contest Conference

For those planning to attend the 2007 Canadian Contest Conference, December 3rd in Kitchener, ON, it has been cancelled.

The Power of Intention

Here is how our Power of Intention experiment worked out. We ended up with a total of 65 music downloads, a DVD, a $20 gift card, two sets of theatre tickets, a cellphone, a children’s game prize pack, SIM backup device, an Xbox 360 along with a game, seven baseball caps, two sets of movie passes, stickers, and tickets to a Toronto FC soccer game for a grand total of 83 wins!

We received some more great power of intention stories to share.

Nicki from Edmonton, AB wrote:
One of my favorite wins was when I heard that Paul Anka was coming to town. I said to my husband wouldn't it be neat to go see Paul Anka and get him to sign the velvet program we had saved from our honeymoon when we had went to his concert at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas (which incidentally was in 1974). I checked but the tickets were way too much for our budget. I flippantly said if it was meant to be it would happen. There was a contest on TV to phone in to win tickets so I phoned in and left my information. Then being busy, I promptly forgot all about it. Three days before the concert I got a call saying they were sorry they were late in giving the prize but I had won tickets to see Paul Anka. We took along the velvet program we wanted him to sign. We asked the lady at the booth selling CDs if Paul would be coming out to sign autographs. She said no, he doesn't do that and he wouldn't be coming out at all. I explained to her about the program and how we had saved it from our honeymoon. She was so touched by that story she said to leave it with her and she would take it backstage to Paul and have him sign it and she did! So my flippant remark that it would happen if it was meant to be was totally true and we now have the program signed by Paul Anka!!

Another from Patti in Syracuse, NY:
I wrote to you a couple months ago about my intention to win a Vegas trip and I did and you published it in your newsletter. I have a couple more to add.

I wanted to win iPods, so I find and enter as many iPod sweepstakes as I can and I've won five so far!! (Well, one is technically a video MP3 player but same, same, same).

I had a few Best Buy gift cards totaling $125 and I used them to by a birthday gift for a friend. Then I remembered I had promised my niece I would use them to purchase a PSP for a birthday gift for her son, so I had to win another gift card to do so. So, again I looked up sweeps offering Best Buy gift cards for large amounts. I saw one that was giving away cards in denominations of $500, $200, $100. I played and won instantly a Best Buy gift card for $500!

Now this one is about the Power of Unintention - LOL!. I saw in People Magazine how the hot place for celebs to vacation was St. Barts and that was where Jon Bon Jovi was vacationing. I said to myself, "I'd like to go there and run into Jon Bon Jovi". Then never gave it another thought. A few months later, I got an affidavit notifying me of a trip win to St. Barts, staying at the Eden Roc, which is the same place Jon Bon Jovi stayed at!  And I wasn't even trying!

What we all want to know Patti, is did you meet Jon Bon Jovi?!

Our last story this issue comes from Susan in Niagara Falls, ON
I have a story for you - it's at the point now that it's hard to believe they are true but they are happening to me. Since the beginning of May I've been entering lots of contests trying to win a nice birthday present for my daughter. I won one good one for her (a Bonne Bell lip gloss set), but got so excited she won, I told her!

Today is her birthday and although I've had a few wins there hasn't been anything I could give her as a birthday gift. I told her she'd get small things this year and she was happy to have gotten two codes to download music from one contest and eight codes from another.

This morning I got a call asking if I had entered the Hershey Rip the Wrap contest and when I said, “Yes.” The person said, "Good because you are the winner of the Early Bird Prize!" So my daughter got a piece of paper saying "I owe you one music player" because the prize was a Samsung K5 4GB audio player plus a 6-month subscription to the Sympatico/MSN Music Store.

Does it get better than this? Yes! There's a laugh too. I had stopped entering the contest after a while because I thought the odds of winning the Early Bird were so small I should save my UPCs for when the "REAL" contest started to have more chances of Instant Wins!!!


You're a Winner

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Tips and Tricks

Lori from Wasilla, AK sent in these great tips for RoboForm and RoboForm Companion.

  1. After filling out the website with RoboForm, hold down the ALT button when clicking on the submit button. That will bring up the Save to Passcard box and will let RoboForm know which is the correct Submit button to use the next time that website is used. This is very handy for a daily that may have more than two submit buttons on the same webpage.

  2. When saving Passcards use this format:
    24HR - 07-08-30 - TVguide (name of site)
    e.g. This is for 24 HR entries and it will expire 2007 Aug. 30th.

    D - 07-12-31 - HGTV (name of site)
    e.g. This is for daily entries and it will expire 2007 Dec. 31st

    WK - 07-12-31 - Lifetime (name of site)
    e.g. This is for Weekly entries and it will expire 2007 Dec. 31st.

    This will help keep the entries in order in RoboForm Companion, and will keep the 24 hr entries at the top so you can see them listed first and know when it's time to re-enter.
    Always include the day the sweepstakes expires, that way the Passcard expire box will pop up and let you know these Passcards have expired and you can select and delete them.

  3. Here is one more, in case someone is not too familiar with RoboForm.

    After naming and saving the 1st Passcard for a daily entry sweepstakes, if you need to make another one for someone else in the family, then create the second and third, etc. Passcard by cloning the first Passcard.

    So, when the "Save Forms - RoboForm" "Saving from data from this page to Passcard" box pops up (by holding down the ALT button while clicking on the Submit button) left click one time over the first saved Passcard. Then over to the far right is a little gray square box with dots at the bottom of the box "..." Left click one time on the box and that will bring up a drop down menu. Left click one time on clone and another box will pop up "Clone Passcard".

    Here you can cover up the persons name first initial with the second persons initial. Then click on the OK button at the bottom of the "Clone Passcard" box. Now you have two Passcards, but you need to left mouse click on the button to the left of the second Passcard that you just cloned, to select it. Then finally left mouse click on the save button at the bottom of the box.

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