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The Power of Intention

I believe a big part of the hobby of contesting and sweepstaking is mental. You have to think you are lucky and a winner before you are lucky and a winner. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Last month RGX, the body spray for men by Right Guard, launched a contest called RGX LIFE. You could win a trip to the House of Blues concert of your choice anywhere in North America! Plus they are giving away 10,000 Puretracks music downloads. For the main prize, enter on their website. It’s one entry per household and ends July 31st. UPC code is required – 017000066684. To win the music downloads, you enter on your cellphone. Text RGXLIFE to 101010.

This is where the power of intention comes in. My husband Craig and I each began to win a song a day. Now, some may say a $1 song is not much of a win, but to me a win is a win and I saw a possibility. If we each won a song a day, plus our usual wins, I calculated we could possibly have an unprecedented 75 wins for July! Our previous record was 33 wins. In August of 2005 we intended to have a “perfect month”, one win for each day and we did. We knew we had done it before, so we could do it again.

As of today, we have 35 wins! Twenty-eight music downloads, a DVD, a $20 gift card, a family pack of tickets to the circus, two sets of theatre tickets, a cellphone and children’s game prize pack. We would have been up four more prizes if the text component of the promotion didn’t have a “glitch” for two days. ARGH!

I am having heaps of fun selecting two new songs every day filling up the MP3 player I won last month with all those great 80’s songs I used to listen to in high school. Sadly, I am dating myself.

What do you intend to win this month?

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1st Annual National Contestors Convention

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You're a Winner

This fun story was sent in by Traci-lee of Thunder Bay, ON.

Even though I haven't won anything yet, I entered my son into the YTV "Uh-Oh Flamingo” contest and he won!! He will be starring as an animated character in an upcoming episode. He was so happy when I told him. It will be airing in December. Just seeing how excited and happy my son was to win, to me, was the same as winning myself!!!

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Tips and Tricks

Don't Click so Quick!

I came across a TV story synopsis on what can happen if you click too quickly and don’t read carefully what you are entering. Help Me Hank! Sweepstakes Surprise

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Your Questions Answered

Many new subscribers are asking similar questions to ones I have already answered. To read those answers, check our 2005, 2006 and 2007 archives of Your Questions Answered.

Hi Carolyn,
I have a question regarding the selling of contest or sweepstakes wins. I understand Canadians do not have to pay income tax on any prizes, however, someone was telling me if, for example, I was to win a truck and then sell it, I could be stuck with some sort of capital gains taxation by Revenue Canada? Is this true? Thanks for your help.
Calgary, AB

Hi Tania,
Not being a tax expert I consultant with my accountant, Arden Vanderhorst, and here’s what he had to say:

Wins are not taxable, therefore you would be most likely selling the vehicle for either the amount it was worth or less so there is no capital gain. If by chance you should sell it for more then its stated value then you may be required to pay tax. However, each circumstance could be different so double check with your personal accountant.

For example, if you won an average car, you probably couldn’t sell it for more than its stated value. Sometimes promotions give away really unique vehicles like the pink Juicy Fruit Ford Mustang given away last year. A collector may be willing to pay more for such a car. The difference may be taxable. Again, check with your accountant.


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