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This issue of The Winning EDGE is longer than usual because there are so many exciting things to talk about.

Northeast Mini Sweepstakes Convention, Hershey PA,
October 27-29 2006

What a lot of fun we all had! Usually a mini convention is a Saturday afternoon from 12:00-4:00pm including lunch, a speaker or two, many draws, raffles and door prizes. This mini convention was different. I think it truly lived up to its name as it was a smaller version of the national convention.

On Friday afternoon the vendor room was open for those that wished to buy sweeping supplies or lucky items. In the evening we had a reception with an open bar and of course, chocolate fondue. Everyone donated items with Hershey Chocolate as a theme. Each dollar value of the items donated gained them a ticket for the raffle. They were dozens of gift baskets given away chock full of all things chocolate.

Saturday morning I spoke on How to Win Cash Cars Trips and More…Online. I shrank my three-hour interactive course down to a 30 minute presentation. Then John McKay spoke on Training for New Sweepstakers, Reminders for Expert Sweepstakers. I enjoyed John’s speeches immensely because he took his corporate background and applied that same best-practice skill set to the hobby. After a fantastic buffet lunch, I spoke on Avoiding Online Scams, which I could have spoken about all afternoon since there are so many things we all need to be aware of. Then John gave us a rundown of what every sweeper should have, A Sweepstaker's Tool Box in Alphabetical Order. In between all the speeches and the food there were dozens and dozens of prizes given away.

Darlene of Mokena, IL winner of
my Small Lucky Basket.

Evelyn of Queen Anne, MD winner of
my Medium Lucky Basket.

Willa of Spencerville, IN winner of
my Large Lucky Basket.

Saturday night was the banquet. After another great meal, all the vendor gift baskets and the big prizes were raffled off. What I found fascinating was that many of the sweepers that had purchased either the Aventurine Amulet or I AM LUCKY Oil from my vendor table earlier that day, won big prizes that night.

Sunday morning was a bit more subdued, as we were all so tired from having so much fun dancing the previous night away. Kerri from Online-Sweepstakes answered many questions about how their site works. She spoke about the advantages to using their site to source promotions, organize sweepstakes and meet fellow sweepers in their forums.

Well, I did it. I convinced another Canadian to attend a convention. Kristianne from Barrie, ON attended her first sweepstakes convention. She LOVED it! I encourage more of us to attend. There are just under 200 spaces left for the 18th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention next June in Dearborn, MI so book your space and hotel room now. Let’s show the Americans we know how to have just as much fun as they do.

Hope to see you at the next one!



The Secret
WOW! What a movie! Although I am very familiar with the law of attraction and have even shared some of my attraction stories with you in the past (Vol. 1 Issue 5 and Vol. 2 Issue 3) I had chills while watching the movie. I felt it was more powerful to hear and see the same messages as opposed to just reading them in a book. It’s really different writing a movie review where there is no plot and the characters are real people. The star of the movie is you as the teachers explain how you can use the secret – the law of attraction – to have whatever you want in life; wealth, health, love, luck, and so on. I believe the law of attraction is why I continue to win five to over 15 contests per month, month after month, even though since March my entries have decreased by half. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, especially sweepers!

What Is The Secret

TIP: Instead of a regular sweepers club meeting at a local restaurant,  go to the local library or someone’s house and view the movie together. The reason conventions and meetings are so good is we get energized from one another. Imagine what will happen when a bunch of contestors watch the movie together!

REMINDER! Set your VCRs, PVRs and TiVos to record Larry King Live as he will be having the teachers in the movie on as guests. Larry King Live airs on CNN at 9:00pm EST then re-airs at midnight and 3:00am EST. Part Two will air on Thursday November 16th with James Ray, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, George Pratt and Jayne Payne. (Part One aired November 2nd.)

New Products to Attract Luck
I explore every avenue to attract luck and wins to me and my family. I only add new items to my store that I use and believe in. I have added several new products including Lucky Charms and Wind Chimes.

The Lucky Charms are hand-made in Canada and made of solid sterling silver then plated with rhodium. They are guaranteed tarnish resistant for life. We have a Four-leaf Clover, Horseshoe and Aladdin’s Lamp.

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, by creating a balance of natural energies in the home, one is able to attract happiness and good fortune. The pleasing sound of wind chimes is said to promote that balance. There are three styles available: Fortune Wind Chimes, Chi Jade Energy Wind Chimes and Dynasty Bells.

Every copy of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter purchased from my site is autographed and every order gets an I AM LUCKY bracelet FREE. Remember to add an Aventurine Amulet to your order for only $1.95 with no additional shipping charges.

Are You Lucky?
Here is the final excerpt, part four, of Are You Lucky from A New Answer Book:

The prizes in state lotteries are big – very big. In some places it’s possible to win a million dollars with a single 50¢ ticket. It would seem that such lotteries give people a fantastic chance to get rich quick. But there’s a catch.

The chance of winning is really very small. If there is one prize and 500,000 tickets are sold, a person with one ticket has just a one in 500,000 of winning. That’s the same as having 499.999 chances of losing. Buying two tickets does not improve the chance very much. Two tickets give a buyer two chances out of 500,000. Three tickets give three chances, and so on.

If there is a yearly prize, and if you buy one ticket a week, you still only have 52 chances out of 500,000 to win.

What happens to the money collected form the sale of the tickets? Do the winners get all of it? No! In the United States the prize winners often get only $40 out of every $100 paid for the tickets. About $10, and sometimes more than that, is used to pay the cost of running the lottery. The rest goes to the government to use for schools and other services.

Suppose you have three bags of pennies. The first bag holds 10 pennies. The second bag holds 100 pennies, and the third bag holds 1,000 pennies.

Spill the pennies in the first bag on the floor. How many heads turn up and how many tails? Count the number of heads. Let’s say there are 6 of them. Since there are 10 coins in all, 6 out of 10, or 60%, are heads.

Now spill the second bag, the one with 100 pennies, count the heads. This time, suppose there are 43. This means that 43 out of 100, or 43%, are heads.

Empty the last bag. Checking 1,000 pennies could take awhile, but when you are done, let’s say you’ve found 533 heads. This is a 53.3% of the 1,000 coins on the floor.

When you spill a bag of pennies, the “law of averages” tells you what should happen. This law is a mathematical rule. It says that you should get close to 50% heads. It also says that the bigger the bag (with more coins), the closer the number of heads should be to 50%. So if a dump-truck full of 100,000 pennies shows up in your driveway, you may as well tell the driver not to unload. The law of averages tells you that you would probably find close to 50,000 heads if he spilled them all out!

In The News
ARGH! CBC changed my interview again! Sorry to make so many of you try and listen in and I am not there. Let’s try this again. I will be on Up To Speed on CBC Radio on Monday November 13th from 5:30-6:00pm CST. Click here to listen online.

Other Upcoming Appearances
You Can't Win If You Don't Enter Book Signing
Saturday December 2nd 2006 1:30pm - 2:15pm Odyssey Books Ajax, ON

Attracting Luck Class
Saturday December 2nd 2006 2:30pm - 4:30pm Odyssey Books Ajax, ON


Tips and Tricks

This tip was shared with all of us at the mini-convention by Ron from Harrisburg, PA.

Find all your local radio stations buy going to On The Radio then typing in your zip code or city and state. You get a list of all the radio stations in your region with clickable links to their websites. You can sign-up for their VIP listener clubs, to get their newsletters and be kept abreast of all their on-air and online promotions.

In Canada we don’t have such a comprehensive website; however, I did locate Airwaves Canada to help you find some stations in your region.

In the last issue of The Winning EDGE I had a link to a Cheer True Fit promotion open to both Canadians and Americans. The company obviously did not fully test their entry page because Canadian provinces are not in the state scroll down list. I entered the contest and selected the closest state to me, New York. Try it again with a state close to you and get your entry in before the November 13th deadline. GOOD LUCK.

Have a great tip? Send me your best tips to share with the contesting community. Remember “You Can’t Lose Helping Others Win”.

Our Contest

The Issue 22 Winning EDGE subscriber winner of Winner Wear will be announced in the next issue.

Ask the Genie for whatever you wish. In our next draw, win a sterling silver Aladdin's Lamp charm, just like in the movie The Secret. Wear the charm around your neck to remind yourself you can have whatever your heart desires.

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Your Questions Answered

Many new subscribers are asking similar questions to ones I have already answered. To read those answers, check our 2005 and 2006 archives of Your Questions Answered.

How can WE make the US companies think we are important enough to include us in their amazing contests? I am so ticked off every time I receive an invite to enter, and then learn that it is ONLY eligible to US residents. I purchase the same products. Let’s let them know....WE COUNT TOO!!!!
Thanks for letting me let off steam
Richmond Hill ON

Don't get too hot under the collar! We have so many contests here I can't even enter them all. Plus, and here is the biggie, the Americans pay 30%+ income tax on any prize over $600. That's one of the reasons they have to have such amazing prizes - to entice people to enter despite the potentially high taxes. Also, check the Canadian version of the company websites - you will probably find some pretty good contests for us too. Check out vs. as a good example of a company creating similar promotions for both countries.

Hi Carolyn,
Since you've won a lot of prizes, I thought you would be the best person to ask. When you win a prize, does a real person call to notify you of the prize, or do you get an automated voice message, telling you to hold the line? e.g. “You've won a prize to the Caribbean, please hold the line to claim your prize?” I received a call like that today and wondering if it was a real prize notification or just a scam to sell me stuff; either way I hung up, but now I'm wondering.
Brampton ON

Hi Trupti,
Stop worrying. What you did was save yourself a headache. A real person calls you, emails you or sends you a letter with verifiable information. I hang up when I get those calls myself.

Send me any sweeping or contesting questions you would like answered.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter

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