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Contest Club meeting in Toronto, ON

On September 17th we held our first contest club meeting in Toronto. What great fun it was! I never seem to do anything small. Most clubs in the US have 10, 15 or 20 members. When I first suggested a having a club here in Canada I had over 75 people wanting to join. Due to the large size I had difficulty finding a location. I had to limit the group size and we held the meeting at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant in Yorkdale Mall. It was so nice to put faces to the names I see online or in my inbox. We had a three course luncheon, three guest speakers (Janet Miller and Katherine and Russ Loader) and several draws and raffles. We were having such a good time that the restaurant finally had to dim the lights in our area to get us to leave! At the meeting it was decided that the group would be split into three smaller clubs that would allow for better interaction between the members, plus it would be easier to find meeting locations.  If you live west of Toronto, contact MJ about the next meeting. If you live in Toronto, contact Bonnie or Angelo about the next meeting and if you live east of the city, contact me about the next meeting. Hope to see you there.

It was mentioned to me at the meeting that several people had gone into a Chapters or Indigo store and could not locate my book. It is in the Game section of the store. Also, if your local store is out-of-stock, they do have inventory in their distribution warehouse and can order one in for you. Just ask. Canada is a big country. If you do not have a Chapters or Indigo in your area, you can either take my sell sheet into your local independent bookstore or order it online (from myself, from Indigo-ON SALE 24% OFF or Amazon.)

As I mentioned in Issue 19, I had Katherine and Russ Loader from A Power of Place come and help me apply the principles of Feng Shui to our home. They noted the fame area in our basement was clogged (with boxes and boxes of stored items). While clearing my chi and cleaning out the boxes I discovered a really neat book my husband had from his childhood, A New Answer Book by Mary Elting and Rose Wyler, published in 1977. What specifically caught my eye was the chapter on Are You Lucky? I am not sure I agree with everything these ladies have to say but I did find what they had to say interesting.

Bingo! You’ve done it again! Your bingo card is a winner for the eleventh time in a row. You are having an unbelievable lucky streak.

Lucky streaks do not happen very often, but they do happen. The same is true of unlucky streaks – that is, losing streaks. They happen, and they too, are rare.

Luck is just a matter of chance. It is something no one can control or develop. When your basketball team wins nine games in a row, is it a lucky streak? No. Basketball is a game of skill. Not a game of chance. Your team does not win basketball games by Luck. It wins because your players are better.

I disagree and feel you can control and develop luck. So do many others. Read The Law of Attraction, The Attractor Factor or Ask and it is Given to learn and understand how to attract luck and wins towards you.

Imagine that you lived in very ancient times when people were just finding out how to use numbers. One day you made an important discovery – many important things came in pairs! Arms, feet, legs, eyes, hands, man and woman, day and night. Two, it seemed, was a very important number.

Good things also came in threes: father, mother, child; water, earth, sky. Other discoveries followed. A hand had five fingers. The head had seven openings: two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, and one mouth. Certain heavenly bodies moved across they sky in regular ways at regular times. And there were seven of them: the sun, the moon, and the five planets that are visible without a telescope.

Every number, long ago, meant something special. A person who understood numbers seemed to have special powers. In fact, numbers themselves seemed powerful, almost holy. Perhaps they could even bring good luck.

In many places seven was considered the luckiest number of all. Japanese people believed there were Seven Gods of Good Luck who were suppose to sail treasure ships into port on New Year’s Eve. Europeans thought that extra good fortune would come to the seventh son of a man who was a seventh son.

Ancient Romans thought that ten was lucky because the gods had given human beings ten fingers to count with.

When people learned how to multiply and divide, six became a great wonder. They found that it could be divided by 1, 2 and 3, and that 1+2+3 made 6. This seemed so remarkable that six was called a perfect number. And, of course, a perfect number had to be lucky.

People still want numbers to be lucky. One person believes that he will win if his number in the lottery ends with the same number as the day he was born. Another believes she will have good luck if she finds a four-leaf clover. There are hundreds of such beliefs, but scientists are unable to find proof that any number has an effect on luck.

There has been a scientific study done on luck and it has been published. Read The Luck Factor if you wish to learn more. I found it really interesting and good read.

On a fun note, I will be on The Mom Show October 12th at 11:00am on Life Network. The show was taped back on May 9th and I went down with my daughter. It was a lot of fun.


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Your Questions Answered

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Hi Carolyn,
My luck is improving and I have won the National Post trip to Vancouver for two nights and tickets to the CanWest ComedyFest! The flight does not include 'flight taxes and fuel charges'. Just wondering if this is standard when winning flights? I remember you saying when you win a trip “it's a cheap trip, not a free trip”, but looking thru some of the other rules for trips I am entering doesn't mention not paying the taxes, if fact some say including taxes, is this the norm?
Thanks for all of your advice so far!
Brampton ON

Hi Tracey,
It is the norm. We have won trips and paid nothing, others where we paid some of the taxes and some we paid all the taxes. Don't say anything until they ask you to pay for the taxes because the rules almost always say you will pay the taxes but sometimes we were not asked to pay! CONGRATS and have fun!! (My in-laws live in BC so we go to Vancouver at least once per year. What a great city!!) If you can afford it, ask to extend the trip a night or two. We do that on almost every trip we win, and then we only have to pay for the hotel.

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