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My contesting buddy Carol from Croydon PA emailed me one day and said, “You are going on a road trip!” I am writing this newsletter in Manchester NH. We decided to make it a family holiday, so my husband Craig, our daughter Nicole and I drove down enjoying all the sights of the American northeast countryside. The regional meeting of the New Hampshire Live Free and Win Sweeps Club was this afternoon at the Radisson. I got to spend time with all my sweeping buddies, and Craig and Nicole got to have some special time together sightseeing. What a fun meeting! It was very well organized. Sixty-six people attended, mostly from New Hampshire and Maine. We started with a wonderful buffet lunch, followed by a great talk by an employee of the USPS. For those of you that like to decorate, embellish and create your mail-in entry envelopes remember to always follow the postal guidelines set out by Canada Post and the USPS.

Carolyn with Nancy of North Smithfield, RI

New Hampshire Live Free and Win Sweeps Club regional meeting at the Radisson

We then had draws and raffles for gift bags and prizes. Nancy of North Smithfield, RI won a copy of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter that I donated. It turns out she is fairly new to sweeping so I hope by the end of the book she is an expert and winning lots of neat prizes! If you have not already discovered the joy of attending any type of convention or meeting I highly recommend it as there is nothing like a room full of people that like to dream, have fun and win!

At the end of the meeting, the Live Free and Win Sweeps Club had a very exciting announcement. At the 2007 Annual National Sweepstakes Convention (ANSC), they will be announcing their bid to host the 2009 ANSC!! GOOD LUCK on winning the bid!

I would like to talk about the other half of point #4: Have good chi flowing inside and out. Last issue I discussed what I do to have good inner chi and stay balanced during life’s challenges. A week ago I had Russ and Katherine Loader of The Power of Place come and use the principles of Feng Shui to improve the chi flowing in and out of our home. It was interesting as I had made some major placement mistakes. (NOTE: This feng shui fixes are specifically for our home. Please have your home assessed by feng shui experts to optimize the chi in your home, as each home is unique.) In the wealth are of our home (see Bagua map) we removed a clock over our fireplace and replaced it with a large mirror. In our master ensuite bathroom I had to add many plants to slow down the chi. There were many other minor changes made too. It was an interesting process because right away we did notice some areas of our home did “feel” better. Feng Shui your home today and see how your outer chi improves.

I want to thank all of you that emailed me messages of encouragement, hope and sweet thoughts for our family. My grandmother is now in rehabilitation and in a few weeks we will see if she will be able to go back home. My grandfather is settling slowly into the nursing home and my mother-in-law is awaiting her bypass surgery. Thanks again for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

Today is the 5th anniversary of 9/11. Please take a moment and remember.


Tips and Tricks

This tip came in from Penny of Campbell River, BC.

In this age of computers and entering contests on line, don't discount the "snail mail" contests. There are really good ones at times and I think your odds are better as often people do not want to be bothered. When I am giving greeting cards to my family and friends, I never put their name on the front. I mean if I am handing it to them, why would I need to put their name on the front? Once the card is open, I ask for the envelope back. My family and friends know me well enough now that they don't write on cards they give to me either. I save all these assorted sizes and coloured envelopes and use them to enter the contests. I also have an easy template I made from an envelope and in my spare time I make up envelopes using discontinued wall paper books. Again, I use these to enter contests. I have won a couple of contests using the odd shaped, coloured envelope and feel it is because the entry stands out more than the basic entries received in the regular white envelope. At any rate that is my tip, save your envelopes and use them to enter contests.

Good tip Penny!

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