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WOW!  What a weekend!  I spend the past weekend in Livonia MI at the Michigan Wolverine’s Spring Mini-Convention.  There were just over 100 attendees gathered for fellowship and fun.  There were plenty of prizes and laughter.  We spent over four hours together discussing the hobby, the 2007 convention (the Michigan Wolverine’s are the hosts), pre-testing some convention games, eating (there was a huge buffet) and winning (there were heaps of raffles and draws!).

Julio Cacoilo, President of, even attended.  He gave away an iPod Nano to Laurie R. (a sneak preview of just one of the many prizes to be won starting early May at ClickWatchWin.)

I can tell you first hand, there is nothing like meeting and hanging out with your fellow sweepers.  Many people may think the best part of this hobby is the wins, but it’s also the friends you make.  I have met some very special people online, on wins and at the conventions.  Those meetings have blossomed into lifelong friendships and to me, that’s better than any prize I could ever win.

Martha, Joan, Carol, myself & Diane in Livonia MI.

If you would like to attend a convention, check out my Sweepstakes Conventions page to find one near you.  Unfortunately, this year’s 17th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention in Scottsdale AZ is sold out.  However, there is still space available at the Northeast Mini-Sweepstakes Convention to be held in Hershey PA this October.  I will also post the information for the 18th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention to be held in Detroit MI June of 2007 as soon as it’s available.  I would recommend you register as soon as I post the details since the 2006 convention sold out very quickly.  (If you know of a convention that should be posted, please email me directly at


Tips and Tricks

This tip comes from Carolyn in Okotoks, AB.

I liked your answer to Jo-Anne, (in Issue 8) but I would have added that it can be helpful to use a web-based email address for entering contests.  This way all the newsletters and any potential spam are kept out of your main email inbox.

That’s a good tip Carolyn.  It will also allow you to check your email easily, any where at any time.

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Your Questions Answered

Many new subscribers are asking similar questions to ones I have already answered. To read those answers, check our 2005 and 2006 archives of Your Questions Answered.

Hi, Carolyn
CanadaSweeps has a question for you: How do you find balance between family, contesting and career?  We'll be watching for your answer in The Winning Edge. :)

Hi Pat,
This was an interesting question posed to me and the entire CanadaSweeps online group.  I had an opportunity to read answers from fellow contestors and was really amazed at the variety of answers posted.  It was also touching to get a wee glimpse into someone’s life and why they started and then continued to enter contests.  For most it seemed to be the same; it was a good way to escape from their too busy and too stress-filled lives.  They found it fun to be able to enter, dream and sometimes win!

I found it to be a really difficult question to answer because at the moment I don’t feel I have quite found the exact balance.  When I first began contesting on a daily basis, I was unemployed and had no children so it was really easy.  Once Nicole was born I would enter while she napped.  It was a good stress reliever from being a new mom.  When she got older, I began working part-time in our business so we hired a nanny and I used to sneak in my entering time while she was looking after Nicole.  When our business took a wee bit of a downturn and we let the nanny go, I put my laptop in the kitchen and would enter one here and one there throughout the entire day.  Since my book has been published I spend little or no time entering.  I really miss it.  I hope to settle into a new family/work routine soon and I will be able to begin entering again for an hour or two a day.

I promise to let everyone know if I find the secret to a balance life :)

Hello Carolyn,
Watched you on the morning show.  You looked great.  Sounded calm.  The book is not available yet in Barrie at Chapters, I asked for it.  I'll hound them for you!

I have a question.  I'd like to enter for my husband, and family members, but when I try, I always get "You have already entered".  Is there a special way you clear your machine?

How do you "mask" alternate entries?  I'm thinking of using my Roger’s email.  Do you find problems on Hotmail?

If you like, use my questions, love your answers.  Very much appreciate the help.
Barrie, ON

Hi Cathy,
Good questions.
1) I am working furiously on getting retail distribution!! I should have a contract signed this week and Indigo has placed a verbal order so I am hoping to start having books in retail locations with in 30 days.

2) That means they are either using browser cookies to determine that you have already entered on that computer or they are logging your IP address.  IP address logging is not very popular, but can definitely block you and possibly many other users from entering a contest.

Typically contest sites will save a cookie on your browser that will indicate to the website that you have entered the contest already from that machine.  While you can delete the cookies from your browser, this will clear all cookies from the machine – which means that sites where you have selected “remember me on this computer”, to avoid having to login every visit will also be cleared along with any other cookies that have been saved on your computer.  If you want to try this in Internet Explorer (IE), click on TOOLS, select INTERNET OPTIONS, click on DELETE COOKIES - depending on the contest site you may have to do it after each entry.

Another option is to try running multiple browsers on your PC – each web browser that you install on your PC has its own directory of cookies specific to sites that you visited in that browser.  If IE is your primary browser, you could install Firefox and/or Opera as secondary browsers and use them for alternate entries or install one alternate browser to use for contest sites where you know you are going to be deleting the cookies frequently so that it won’t disrupt the cookies you need from sites that you visit regularly in your primary browser.

3) I think the Roger’s mail would be better, but I always recommend that you set-up a separate email for contesting only - most Internet and email packages give the user 5-10 email addresses - try something easy like Keep it short as you will be typing it often!
Hope that helps,

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You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter

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The American Edition is currently being researched. I am targeting to have it available for sale Fall 2006. Please forward your suggestions, links, questions and any feedback you may have directly to me: I look forward to hearing from you.

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