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I feel as if all my efforts are finally coming together!!

The books arrived and all the pre-orders are currently being shipped.

How could I be the Contest Queen without holding a contest?! Sign-up for The Winning EDGE to be entered into our bi-weekly draw. (If you are receiving this e-newsletter directly from me you are already entered!) The first prize to be given away is a signed copy of my book! I’ll contact the winner directly plus I’ll be posting the winners and their prize on my new contest page. Please forward this newsletter to your friends so they can sign-up and have an opportunity to win!!

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Tips and Tricks

I found a rather funny and odd website recently and I wanted to share it with you: Luck For Sale. This enterprising person has decided for $7 USD, you too can be lucky. The $7 will get you on the Luckiest People in the World list for two years.  Only four people have signed-up so far.  I am not sure how it will increase your luck but I really do admire their creativity and ingenuity. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Your Questions Answered

Hi Carolyn!
I really like your online newsletter! I am many companies are there in Canada that choose the online/snail mail winners? Are there many or a few?

How does this industry work from the top down? What I mean by "top down" is, what is the process for a company to run a contest?  Who holds the ultimate power and who runs them?  I thought of another question.  How much money does a company invest into running a contest, prizes aside?

I am curious! Also, do these companies recognize names of previous winners from other contests and then pick another winner instead of the one drawn?
Thanks and good luck,
Calgary AB

I am so glad you like my newsletter.

There are too many marketing and promotional companies in Canada to know who they all are. I do have the largest ones listed in the Resources section of my website.

The ultimate power always lies with who’s paying the bill, the sponsor. However, if they choose to hire a contest management company, they are doing so for that company’s expertise and will probably follow the advice given to them by those sweepstake experts.

The amount of money spent depends on how big the company is that wants to run a promotion. Large companies can spend tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions. (Pepsi even ran a contest last year in the US to win a billion dollars.  It was an insured contest. That means Pepsi bought insurance incase someone won and then the insurance company pays out.) The exact amount spent will be determined by several factors. A few of them are: 1) What is the companies entire marketing budget for the year? 2) How does a sweepstake fit into the overall annual corporate marketing plan? 3) What is the promotional purpose if they decide to run one? To attract new customers? Build an email permission marketing database? 4) Will they run it in-house or hire a contest management firm to run it for them?

I know they are very careful about their drawing process. Many told me not only do they have their lawyers present during the draw, sometimes the sponsor’s lawyers are also present along with a video taping of the proceedings. They pride themselves on their honesty and integrity during the execution of the entire promotion.

I know they do not discard familiar names. Not only have I won multiple prizes from contests run by the same contest management company, I have also interviewed most of them for my book. I imagine I must have the most recognizable name out there.  So if I can continue win, so can you.

Send me any sweeping or contesting questions you would like answered.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter

The Canadian Edition of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter is now available for sale in my online store. I am currently working to expand distribution so you can purchase the book in your local bookstore or borrow it from your local library.

The American Edition is currently being researched. I am targeting to have it available for sale Fall 2006. Please forward your suggestions, links, questions and any feedback you may have directly to me: I look forward to hearing from you.

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