From the Contest Queen

One of the wonderful things about technology is I can work from anywhere at anytime.  As I write this newsletter, I am sitting in the Delta Whistler Village Suites Hotel in beautiful Whistler BC.

We have been having a fantastic time since we arrived. Craig and I went on a Skyline Tour with the Cougar Mountain Adventure Company. I felt like we were on The Amazing Race.
We attended a cocktail party and watched Simple Plan take the stage in the Whistler Village Square and as a bonus we attended a post concert Meet & Great. All the Bell Goldrush contest winners had the opportunity to shake hands with the band and take a photo with them.
I met up with fellow contestor Angie Valenzano at the cocktail party and concert. I discovered while we chatted, she only entered the Bell Goldrush contest after reading about my win online and thought she should enter too. Remember, it only takes one to win!

February has been a very busy and interesting month for me. 1) I finished the Canadian Edition of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter, it is being printed and it can be pre-ordered from my website.  2) I had two articles written about me. One was published in Marketing Magazine and the other should be published shortly in the Toronto Star. 3) I completed the 2005 year-end accounting as the day-to-day business of owning my own business still must be done and 4) I only won a handful of prizes this month.

True to form, the Law of Attraction states:

“The Law of Attraction does not respond to the words you use or the thoughts you think.
It simply responds to how you feel about what you say and what you think.”
Michael Losier

Since I was very focused on the business of running my business my wins went down. I am interested to see what happens now, as I am: on a win; feeling very lucky; and back to focusing on winning!

Also, February isn’t finished yet.  I could still win “the big one” on Monday or Tuesday.  As they say, “It’s not over, till it’s over.”


Tips and Tricks

This tip was sent in by Tammy, St. Thomas ON

Well, I just learned a new lesson. Don’t try to win cell phones. I won a Palm Treo 600. A very nice phone worth $300 but I can’t get it activated. My current cell phone is with Telus and they carry Palm phones but not the 600 just the 650 so they will not activate my phone. And if I want to get out of my contract that I have (I have one year left) it will cost me $200. Then if I find a place where I can activate this phone if will cost me activations fees to get it going. I have talked to three different Palm phone guys and they don’t know a dang thing about their phones. I have been on the phone fighting with people trying to get a straight answer and every single person has a different answer.  So, if I see another contest with a cellphone as a prize I will not be entering it because right now I’m looking at a $300 phone I can’t use.

Carolyn responds:
Thanks for the info on your frustrations with this win Tammy! It is too true that many cellular phone wins do not include anything related to the contract or service for that phone. In fact during the concert in Whistler with Simple Plan, a couple of girls won a ‘Simple Plan’s Greatest Fan’ video contest that they were running. The girls got to appear on-stage with the band and also each won a phone. Even the band made a remark to the Bell staff at the event about the fact that the phone didn’t include any service!

I did a little research for Tammy and there may be a way around the activation problem. If your current phone and your new phone are both GSM type phones (Global System for Mobile communications) then you can pop out your SIM card (Subscriber Identification Module) and pop it in the new phone and it should work. You keep your cell number and everything - I did that will a cell phone I won 18 months ago. (For instructions on how I did it, click here.)

So Tammy, for more information on the Palm Treo 600, click here and to look for a local retailer in your area, click here if your current phone is not GSM.  Also, you could sell it and make a few bucks. :)

Have a great tip? Send me your best tips to share with the contesting community. Remember “You Can’t Lose Helping Others Win”.

Your Questions Answered

Hello, Carolyn!
I have a few questions for you.

A) If there is a contest one can enter on the Internet, and they have a limit of one entry per person per day for, let's say, two months, do you enter sixty times or do it for a week and then don't bother?

B) How many contests do you enter in a month, and what is your percentage of wins?

C) Do you find, on average, you win more snail mail contests than Internet contests or the other way around?

D) The local radio station has contests where one gets to play if one is, let's say, the tenth caller. I keep getting a busy signal. Do you have a strategy for that?

Thanks so much.
Hornby Island BC

Hi Mariana,
Thanks for writing.

A) Enter everyday and your odds of winning increase. I also enter myself and my husband, if the contest is per person instead of per household, to increase our odds even more. On average about half the wins come in his name.

B) For any given month, I enter ~50+ daily entry contests; ~25+ weekly entry contests; and ~50+ one-time only entry contests and I will win anywhere between 5-15 prizes per month, so I win about 5%.  But keep in mind that these aren’t all grand prizes either!  We get lots of free movie tickets where they are giving away 100+ passes or we get the smaller 2nd or 3rd prizes that are available.

C) I rarely enter snail mail due to the time it takes to enter and the cost of postage (in Canada it's 51 cents plus 4 cents TAX per letter). So, the majority of our wins come from the Internet contests.

D) I wish! I rarely ever get through. I won only one radio phone-in contest all of last year. It was for a CD. I do not discourage people from trying those, because I have met people that win more from radio contests then any other entry method. The point is to find what entry method you like, what works for you and go with it.  Someone did tell me once that the trick is to find a phone with the fastest redial button you can.


Send me any sweeping or contesting questions you would like answered.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter

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The American Edition is currently being researched. I am targeting to have it available for sale Fall 2006. Please forward your suggestions, links, questions and any feedback you may have directly to me: I look forward to hearing from you.

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