From the Contest Queen

Things are getting busy around here.

Publicity for my Promotional Marketing Services has begun to take off. I am on the cover of this week’s Marketing Magazine.

Paul-Mark and I had great fun during our interview as he got to see what winning was like first hand. While he was here a Go Girlfitti prize pack for my daughter arrived and then 10 minutes later the phone rang and I won a Kellogg’s Stott Pilates Prize Pack. I think I converted him into a contestor!!

I have also officially begun to research the American Edition of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. I would appreciate any links to online sweeping websites, sweeping newsletters, online groups and forums, sweeping clubs and judging agencies that you would like to share with myself and your fellow sweepers. Please email me directly Thank you.

In conjunction with the research I have been adding many more links to the US Resources section of my website. Please (re)visit it if you have not done so lately.


Tips and Tricks

This great tip was sent in from Susan, Lunenburg County, NS.

Hi, I just read Issue 3 of your newsletter and I wanted to send in this tip.  When we went to New Orleans (I won the trip in 2000) it was a trip for 4 and by downgrading from first class I could take our third child along as well and didn't have to spend any money as the cost was the same.  Good luck contesting.

Have a great tip? Send me your best tips to share with the contesting community. Remember “You Can’t Lose Helping Others Win”.

Your Questions Answered

Dear Carolyn,
Hope you have a good trip to Whistler and congrats.

Could you please tell me if a contest says you can enter by mail and/or internet, but only once per day. Is it O.K. to do mail-ins during the week and enter by internet on Saturday and Sunday? Also, do you find that it is chancy to mail one per day or should we skip every other day?

Thank you.
Montreal, QC
P.S. I want to buy your book as soon as it comes out.

Hi Adele,
Why are you mailing in entries?? Did you know that most promotions take the mailed in entries and have someone enter them into the computer?! You are wasting your time and money. If you get an option to mail-in or enter online, just enter online. If the promotion says mail-in only, then by all means mail-in heaps of entries. Also, be sure to read the rules, because I have seen many promotions where you can enter only once or once per day online, but you are allowed to mail-in unlimited entries in which case you can really boost your chances by mailing in entries if you want to spend the money.

Thanks for the congrats, and the book will be out soon (see below).  YEAH!!

Send me any sweeping or contesting questions you would like answered.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter

I received the author’s copy of the Canadian Edition of my book last week. It was wonderful to hold the first copy. I felt like I had won the lottery! Even better, was it was in perfect printing condition and I placed my order for the first official print run.

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