From the Contest Queen

Something really interesting happened to me this past week.

I began to read the book Ask and it is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks.  It is the fourth book I have read about how you can use vibrational energy to attract whatever you wish into your life: love, money, health, wins!  All the books speak about how you have to be specific about what you ask for from: God, the Universe, the Source, etc…

Let me backtrack a bit here.  I had saved airline miles for years and 1) I finally had enough for all of us to travel to Australia and 2) I felt our daughter was finally old enough to travel that far.  So a year ago I booked us to go to Australia for six weeks and visit our relatives.  With the numerous delays in getting the first edition of my book printed, I decided it would be best if we cancelled the trip.

After about a week of pouting, I decided I wanted to win a trip to make-up for the fact I had just cancelled a dream holiday.  I also decided to experiment with the theories I had been reading about.  I went through all the contests I had listed and picked one I really wanted to win; to see the band Simple Plan at The Astoria in London England the weekend of February 11-12.  Every time I entered, I focused on Simple Plan, London and traveling in February.

On Thursday January 19th I was catching up on all my email and someone kindly posted, in one of my online groups, a new promotion, the Bell Goldrush Contest.  The grand prize is $10,000 in gold plus there are 25 daily prizes of a trip to Whistler, BC and 17 daily prizes of $500 Bell Canada gift certificates.  It was already the fourth day of the contest.  Each day they have a different “competition” to qualify for the daily prize.  The competition on that day was to email-in a picture of yourself in the luge position.  My husband was bowling so I got my 3 year-old-daughter to take it.  (She is scarily good with a digital camera for someone so young!)

Friday January 20th was the last day to enter the Simple Plan contest and I said to myself, “See you guys soon!”  At 8:00pm that evening the phone rang.  It was Cossette Communications.  They informed me I won a trip for two to Whistler BC for the weekend of February 24-27!! WHOO HOO!!

This is the really interesting part.  I was informed that Bell Canada was going to be hosting several events for their winners that weekend.  (These events were not mentioned in the contest rules and regulations.)  On Saturday February 25th there will be a cocktail party.  A warm-up band will come on at 3:00pm and, get ready for it, at 4:30pm Simple Plan will take the stage!!  (Can you hear The Twilight Zone theme song right now?)
<BGSOUND src="twilzone.wav">

So I am not going to London, but I am traveling in February and I am seeing Simple Plan.  Remember; be specific when you ask.


Tips and Tricks

My tip for this issue into my recent win: ASK!

The bonus about going to Whistler as opposed to London, is my in-laws live only two hours from Whistler. I asked the company organizing the trip if: 1) we could buy a third airline ticket for our daughter and 2) if we could extend the trip from four to nine days. They said yes on both counts. My in-laws are happy as they get their granddaughter for nine whole days. We are happy as we get a fun and romantic get-away for four days and then we get to spend the rest of the week with family.

You never know until you ask.

We now have the perfect winter getaway because I asked.

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Your Questions Answered

I just read a bit from your Winning EDGE newsletter. Awesome!

I am a sweeper, and you had an article on online entries not being judged.  But what if it’s a skill contest/essay? Do you think they will read those entries since it was a written essay contest?

Thank you in advance.
Port Angeles,WA

Hi Vicki,
That is true - if it is an essay writing style promotion they would be judged even though the entries came in via the Internet as opposed to the mail.  The person that wrote the question was referring to sweepstakes where the winner is selected randomly.  Those are not judged.   Remember to always read the rules on essay/judged contests, because I have seen rules state that they will randomly select a specific number of entries and then judge between only those entries.


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You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter

I will be receiving the author's copy of the Canadian Edition of You Can't Win If You Don't Enter this week!! Assuming no further delays, the books will be for sale within the next 2-3 weeks.

I have begun the research on the American Edition. Please email me directly with any suggestions you may have. I am looking for Internet sweeping sites, online communities, sweeping clubs, judging agencies etc... I am targeting to have the American Edition ready for Summer 2006.

Keep your eye on this section for future updates on the book’s progress.


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