Why your attempts to go viral go wrong

Are you going from aggregate to aggregate, influencer to influencer, sending a cookie cutter email and hoping they share your giveaway?

Do you target specific bloggers paying them to viral market your sweepstakes to only a handful of people?

Would you like your contest to go viral?

Saving you time and money

What I do as a Sweepstakes Marketer is unique. Unlike most paid placements, what I offer is not just a sponsored post on my website. I save you time and money by getting the word out to the right people in the right format. As a connector, I have personal relationships with thousands of entrants and dozens of sweepstakes aggregate owners (even the paid ones), giveaway bloggers and contest groups, giving her the leverage to quickly get your promotion traction online. In the past, clients have had their contest entries increase between 2x–10x overnight after I was hired to execute our Viral Marketing Service.

For full details of all sweepstakes marketing services:
Running Sweepstakes, Contest Auditing, Giveaway Creative,
Rules Drafting, Régie Filing, Banner Ads and Social Media Giveaways: Facebook Contests, Twitter Parties, etc.,
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The Top 8 Mistakes Marketers Make When Running a Sweepstakes

For the solutions to these and other sweepstakes, contest and giveaway dilemmas, Contact Us.

Carolyn Wilman has been a Marketing Consultant for over twenty-five years, a Sweepstakes Specialist for over ten and a Digital Marketing Strategist for five. She has a unique perspective having sat at both sides of the table, as both a marketer and competitor, she is able to help her clients understand promotions from their customer’s perspective and avoid the types of mistakes currently occurring in sweepstakes over and over again.

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