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From The (Contest Queen)

RoboForm 101

October 23rd, 2019|

Even though I outline how I use RoboForm step-by-step in my book and RoboForm offers free tutorials on their website, "How do you use RoboForm?" is one of the most common questions I get. I [...]

Good Vibes Chat : Astrology

September 24th, 2019|

My first chat was generic and designed to just talk about all things positive. For my second chat, I decided I should start to pick specific topics. Ones that have influenced my life, changed my [...]

Good Vibes Chat & Group Meditation

August 28th, 2019|

UPDATED: on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 with embedded video. A few months ago I created The Good Vibrations Sweepstakes Club because I was tired of the negativity within the contest community when the hobby is [...]

The Hazards of PIN Code Hunting

August 14th, 2019|

I frequently get questions about PIN Code hunting. Do you wear gloves? No. I do not use gloves as labels and tabs require fine dexterity. Plus, that's what soap and water are for. I give [...]

How Sweepers Win

July 19th, 2019|

Zachary Crockett, the journalist that interviewed me for The Hustle article, was interviewed himself about the topic of sweepstakes and his findings as a journalist.  It's interesting to hear the thoughts of two people [...]