This is the second day in a row I have not gotten in my morning walk and gone PIN code hunting. I am really over the cold temperatures.

For my American friends, the temperatures are in Celcius. -3°C is approximately 26°F.

I find if I go out when it’s below zero I quickly get so cold my fingers hurt. Yes, I am wearing warm gloves. (No mask as I am alone outside at 6:00 am.)

I decided to join the gym last fall to keep fit once all the coded contests were over. Between the gyms closing in March, and my eating carbs to feel grounded, I gained most of the weight back I let go of last year.

I was so happy as it slowly warmed up enough for me to get out to get fresh air, and start moving again. (Maybe start letting go of those pounds again.) This year the codes just feel like a bonus.

Then the polar vortex came in pushing away the wee hint of spring we had. I chose to stay under the covers. Clearly, there is a limit to what I will do to win.

What are your limits?