I am always leary of websites, social media accounts, and apps that state they are awarding cash prizes. I wonder, “What’s the catch?”

This week I got an email from Ben Liss of Press Play – Big Cash Prizes asking me to help him promote his new app. I asked him to send me more details. As the Contest Queen, I do not share anything blindly. I vet everything I share with my audience, so when you enter, you have the confidence it is a legitimate giveaway.

Ben sent me screenshots, links, and more details about the app. As it is currently only available on iOS, I fired up my iPad (my phone is Android) and I couldn’t find it to install.


I messaged Ben back to ask why I couldn’t find it. It turns out, is also only available in the United States.

Now I was really curious. Press Play sounded interesting based on the information Ben sent me. After a few emails back and forth, we settled on a conference call with screen sharing so he could demo the app in real-time.

I was really impressed. Ben and his team created a simple to use winning app.


Firstly it’s free to use. They can afford to give away cash as Press Play earns their income via in-app advertising that is totally optional to the user.

There are 4 daily, 1 weekly and 1 monthly drawings. Users receive entries (tickets) for each and every drawing for free and can earn more by watching videos or by Mail-In. The Monthly Leaderboard will reset each month, and users who play every day will have a good chance of placing in Top 500 paid places. Press Play has gamified the sweepstakes experience and introduced a bit of competition into the app to make it fun and to encourage you to return daily.

The big monthly drawing is always on the last day of the month and to give you a scope of the size of the prizing; on November 30th there is a $7,000 drawing. There is also a referral program that encourages users to refer friends to win 10% of whatever their friends win in perpetuity.

Ben is planning to roll out the app to the Google Play store and eventually open up the app worldwide as their audience grows.

I would love some of my American sweepstakes peeps to try out the app and give me their feedback. Ben and his team would also appreciate any feedback to improve the app.


SHORT RULES: The app is currently only available for Apple users in the United States. Winners are selected each day throughout the month. (See the full rules for each specific drawing.) Prizes vary in size. Open the app to view current cash prize values. FULL RULES

DISCLAIMER: As per FTC requirements, I am required to disclose I was paid by the sponsor to promote this giveaway app.

Have you Pressed Play?