I love it when interesting companies contact me to promote their sweepstakes, contest or giveaway. When Jeff Hall, founder of Bitcoin Jackpot, first contacted me I thought I couldn’t help him as his company was holding a raffle. Once I found out there was a No Purchase Entry Option, I knew I could. Especially since Bitcoins were becoming more popular, it would be a coveted prize.

ABOUT: Bitcoin Jackpot, based out of Toronto Ontario Canada has started a crypto raffle with a grand prize of 100 BTC (Bitcoin) or $1 Million USD.

There are 100,000 tickets available to anyone worldwide and the draw will be live streamed on YouTube when every ticket is gone.

Most of the money received from the raffle is paid out to prize winners and a portion of all the money supports crypto related sciences, specifically organizations that are developing improvements to the way the whole crypto ecosystem works including government lobbying and advocacy. Ticket holders will vote for which organization receives a donation.


Bitcoin Jackpot was started in January 2018 as a fun way to spend some of your Bitcoins and Altcoins while funding important work. Their team consists of both male and females including young high school interns who are crazy about crypto.


At the time of the draw, winning tickets will be selected at random using www.random.org which is an unrelated third party that uses atmospheric noise to choose true random numbers.


In launching its own bitcoin raffle, Bitcoin Jackpot is cashing in on the craze for cryptocurrencies that is sweeping the world. Tickets are available at www.bitcoinjackpot.global


Prize winners will be faced with an interesting dilemma: to accept their prize in USD fiat currency or to have the sum sent as cryptocurrency directly to their bitcoin or altcoin wallet.




*Scroll down to Other Rules for specific entry details.

SHORT RULES: Open worldwide to those of the AOM in the country of residence. Unlimited entries via purchased tickets. One entry per person via No Purchase Entry Option. This is an ongoing sweepstakes. Drawings are conducted at various markers vs specific end dates. Read the FULL RULES for details.

DISCLAIMER: As per FTC requirements, I am required to disclose I have partnered with Bitcoin Jackpot to promote their raffle and giveaway. 

Would you take the cash or crypto currency?