I love working with clients on improving their programs, platforms and giveaways.  I am helping It’s About Shopping test their referral program and I can’t do it alone. I need YOU to enter the contest via my link (so, we can see if it works) and then refer the giveaway on your social channels. Don’t worry, I can’t win as I am working for the sponsor, but we can’t see if the program works without you using MY link. Then please comment below you used my link. We will then compare the two databases. In the meantime, you just might be a winner!



RULES: For anyone that resides in the U.S. It’s About Shopping needs your help testing out their new giveaway software. All you gotta do is enter and complete a couple of entries. If you experience any problems with referring a friend, please do let them know. You can share your referral link in many ways. Get some of your buddies involved by signing up via your link. (More help with testing!) For your help, you will be in to win a $10 gift card! Experiencing any problems? Please email them or PM them on our Facebook Page. The contest and test ending on Tuesday June 5th 2018.

DISCLAIMER: As per FTC requirements, I am required to disclose I was paid by the sponsor to promote this giveaway.

Do you ever enter referral contests?