When I started entering sweepstakes as a hobby, it didn’t take me long to figure out one of the keys to winning was to be organized. If you are not organized you cannot enter the most number of sweepstakes in shortest period of time, plus it’s harder to find new sweepstakes to enter.

One place I find new sweepstakes to enter is by having a list of websites I visit on a WEEKLY basis to what new giveaways have they been added. What do I recommend be on that list?

  • all your local media outlets: TV, print, radio
  • national websites’ contest page
  • favorite bloggers’ giveaway page

As I live near Toronto, ON I have links to all the local media, plus that of my suburb,the major Canadian sites I like to visit and a few bloggers I like, specifically movie ones.

I always recommend you make the hobby your own. When you do that you increase your odds of winning.

Famadillo If you live in the United States, you may wish to add Famadillo to your list. You may remember I blogged about it when Dominick Miserandino first launched it (he used to own The Celebrity Cafe). They have dozens of giveaways posted and all have prizes worth more than $100.

I like to bookmark all of my giveaways in RoboForm, as it is the main program I use for entering sweepstakes, in a folder titled WEEKLY (It’s a simple, but effective organization system!). You can also use your favorite browser to do the same thing. (I outline my full Online Contesting System in my books.)

If you don’t already have an organization system for your sweepstakes, I suggest you make it a 2018 goal!

Are you organized?