While I was writing It’s Like Finding the Golden Ticket, I searched for the official McDonald’s contest image to add to my post. What I found was people on Kijiji wanting to buy the rare pieces.

Firstly, how did I not know this was a thing?!

It would never occur to me to post such a thing. (I did remember as I was writing this that someone told me last year how they bought a heap of PIN Codes into the annual Tim Hortons hockey card contest on Kijiji.)

Secondly, I was laughing so hard because all I could think was, “Those are the same pieces EVERYONE is looking for!!

WANTED: Monopoly Pieces

If you had a rare piece, why would you give it, or even sell it, to a stranger?

I know. I know. I have been asking others for their pieces, but only if they weren’t using them or won an instant prize. Plus I never expect them to give me a rare piece. Just get me caught up to the common ones on the board and get codes in to claim rewards. (You would know this if you followed me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.)

Be aware there are scammers out there trying to team up with people who have rare pieces to claim a prize. The scammer gets the finder to send the rare piece and you never hear from them again. The McDonald’s Monopoly Fraud

My advice is, if you find a rare piece and need the others, the odds are 1 in 11 for common ones. Start eating every drink and meal at McDonald’s until you collected all the other pieces you need.

OR you get unbelievably lucky and find both pieces in one meal. Jon Kehoe used part of his last unemployment check to buy a meal at McDonald’s. He got Boardwalk on his McRib and Park Place on his drink. The odds of that were 1 in 3.1 BILLION!

Prizes Claimed

When I took marketing in school I learned the claim rate for prizes was 30% in these types of promotions. (I can’t find current statistics.) I believe it’s far higher now for the over all contest statistics, but may be similar for the larger prizes as the winning pieces may be thrown away.  In Canada you can see what has been claimed to-date in this year’s contest here.

Have you ever bought or traded game pieces?