I saw this headline: ‘Overwhelmed’ Postal Carrier Hoarded 17,000 Pieces of Mail, Officials Say


Then I read the article.

There were two parts that stuck out at me:

The carrier, Aleksey Germash, told investigators he “made sure to deliver the important mail,” according to a complaint filed in federal court.

How did he know what was important?!

Theft of mail by postal employees is not uncommon in a system that delivers more than 154 billion pieces each year and has nearly 336,900 mail carriers.

The Postal Service investigated 1,364 employee mail cases and arrested 409 employees between October 2016 and September 2017, according to the service.

<insert facepalm here>

Not uncommon?! 409 employees arrested in one year!

Let that sink in.

Contesting is not only a fun hobby, where you can win experiences such as going to the Superbowl or Oscars, meeting movie, TV or recording starts, but it is also very lucrative; gift cards, jewelry, cheques, etc.

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I recommend clients use a services that requires tracking and a signature so the temptation for packages to disappear is greatly reduced. (Unfortunately, you can rule out incompetence when packages go missing either …)

Have you ever, never, received a prize?