I blogged about Roll Up The Rim Stats in 2015 and it seems a few YouTubers have taken confirming the written stats to the next level.

When I saw this CTV link on Twitter: 100-cup challenge aims to reveal ‘Roll Up The Rim’ odds I had to check it out.

Then when I was watching the videos, (and there are a lot!) I found this one! YouTuber ItYeBoi did 1000 Cup Challenge this year after posting his 100 cup challenge last month.

SPOILER ALERT! This video is funny, but long. You don’t need to sit through the whole thing to see the end result. Just swipe to the last few minutes of the video. They didn’t win anything big, but the odds are as Tim Horton’s outlines in their rules.

I suspect that if you want to win a car, stick to large and extra large cup sizes. Kent English created  Roll Up The Stats to help you identify your odds of winning. What size is your best shot to win Roll Up the Rim?

I wish I known about the challenge as I would have tried it! Maybe next year?!

Would you try it? How many cups would you buy? With or without coffee??

Do you track how many cups you have bought and what you have won vs the number of losing cups?