Last Week Tonight

Following yesterday’s blog post on Daily Fantasy games, John Oliver also posted a fantastic video on Lotteries, confirming why I rarely pay-to-play.

Yesterday I said:

As I learned from Caroline Myss, I have the Gambler archetype. (Full list here.) Thankfully, I am also incredibly cheap. I cannot justify throwing away my money on gambling. That said, I occasionally buy lottery tickets when I feel lucky or the jackpot is huge, but it’s not a regular habit. The reason I love entering sweepstakes so much is:

1) my odds are winning are far greater than gambling,
2) and it’s free!

You may also wish to read my post on Why You Didn’t Win the Powerball Lottery to discover two more reasons I prefer to save my money.

All that said, on one rare occasion I did buy a Quick Pick, in 2005 I won a 3rd Prize Jackpot + 1 Free Play with Encore worth $2,107.10. That means I got 5 of 6 numbers without the bonus number. If I had all 6 numbers I would have won the $22 million jackpot.

You would think after winning I would regularly buy lottery tickets, but again, I understand odds of winning and choose to spend my time, vs money, trying my luck at sweepstakes.

Have you ever won the lottery?