Do you use winning affirmations? I do. This is the one I use when I am entering on a daily basis*:

I now choose to request and receive 150+ prizes, valued at $50,000+ in 2015. This or something greater. Thank you!

However, if your energy isn’t in alignment with your statement, nothing will happen. Michael Losier describes the process perfectly in his blog post and video: Why Your Affirmations May Not Be Working … and How They Can!

You can read more about affirmations and attracting luck in a few of my blog posts:

Do you use winning affirmations?

*I have been so busy for the past few months I have only been entering a few contests a day. Affirmations don’t work if you are not taking action. It’s similar to affirming you have a healthy body, then not exercising. You can’t win if you don’t enter.