I love it when companies tie in clever marketing promotions to their products. Last month, Doritos came up with a new product; Roulette (One Dorito In This Handful Could Melt Your Face). To match, the clever agency Frito-Lay hired, created a roulette-style promotion tying the product to how Twitter could viral their promotion.

doritosWhat I love more than the contest itself, are the weird crappy prizes you could win:

  • Typewriter. ARV: $45.
  • Hard tire spoke rim. ARV: $21.
  • $20 in pennies. ARV: $20.
  • Light-up pogo stick. ARV: $20.
  • Adult man wig. ARV: $17.
  • 300-piece wolf puzzle. ARV: $11.
  • Audio cassettes (8-pack). ARV: $11.
  • Ferret food. ARV: $10.
  • Bag of packing peanuts. ARV: $9.
  • Fanny pack. ARV: $9.
  • Fuzzy dice. ARV: $9.
  • Banana slicer. ARV: $7.
  • Universal remote. ARV: $7.
  • Stamps. ARV: $5.
  • Temporary tattoos. ARV: $5.
  • Vintage retro travel postcards. ARV: $5.
  • Workout tape. ARV: $4.
  • Hair extension. ARV: $3.
  • One pound scenic sand. ARV: $3.
  • Rubber ducky. ARV: $2.
  • Tube of glitter. ARV: $0.01.
  • Hot sauce packets. ARV: $0.01.

I laughed out loud reading the list. I kinda almost want to win a burn prize vs the hot prize.

Yet, the almost perfect promotion has a flaw. The rules are not 100% clear. This is the sentence in question:

The prizes appearing in the image will be the prizes awarded to you and the three (3) friends you tagged if your Entry is selected as a Winning Entry.

Nowhere in the rules does it specifically say you must follow each other to be considered friends. You would assume that would have to be the case, but it isn’t clear.

So I emailed the agency running the promotion asking for clarification. I didn’t directly get a response, but the next day all over my Facebook feed (I was unable to locate the source of the clarification) was entrants stating they had been entering incorrectly the entire time.

1) To enter, you do not retweet Doritos tweet and tag friends. You must go to the website, select 3 prizes, connect your Twitter account and then tag three friends. Hitting ‘share tweet to pay’ then gets you in to win.

I have found that the tagging feature doesn’t work well. If you put the @ symbol in and slowly type in your friend’s Twitter handle, their name should appear and you click on it. It seems to work 50% of the time for me. Otherwise, just put in their name and it does tag them. I have tested the entry tweet to confirm.

2) You must be following each other. When they say friend, they mean following each other, not just IRL (in real life).

If you have not entered yet, get started so you can try your hand at winning big, or winning small.

SHORT RULES: Open to the United States. Enter up to 50 times per person, per day. Ends at 11:59;59pm CT July 3rd, 2015. FULL RULES

Have you been burned yet?


BlissdomHeadshotsLR-37 squareCarolyn Wilman (aka @ContestQueen) is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Sweepstakes Specialist. Carolyn teaches others how to Find, Organize, Enter and Win giveaways along with working with companies to create, and viral market, winning promotions maximizing ROI and loyal customers.