Many people begin their hobby of entering contests and sweepstakes when they find themselves in a less than desirable financial position.  They use their winnings to supplement their lifestyle (or lack there of).  Winning movie passes, restaurant gift card and concert tickets can provide a much needed night out.  Winning a trip can mean the difference between having a Caribbean tan or enjoying a stay-cation.  Winning a big prize can change your life.  (Just ask Wendy.)  It was no surprise to hear Marilyn Kutzley of Newport NC decided to take her current financial situation and combine it with the hobby.

Like many others who were hit in the pocketbook by the recession, Marilyn found herself looking at her bank balance and income, assets and debts, and decided to “head the situation off at the pass”.  She didn’t want to get to the point where her bank would foreclose her home.  She did what most people did and put her home up for sale thinking she could downsize easily.  That was 18 months ago.  Before things got worse, she decided to take an unusual approach to her home being sold, hold a contest.  Marilyn knew they had been held before.  Why not her.

Marilyn did all her ground work first.  She contacted a lawyer and had offical rules drawn up.  She created a website to promote her contest.  And, now she waits for the entries to roll in.  If she gets enough entries, a winner will be selected.  If not, the entrants get 96% of their entry fee back. (She keeps $2 to cover the cost of printing of the return cheques along with postage and handling.)

If you would love to have a second home, a vacation getaway or an investment why not enter?  The contest is open worldwide and the entry fee is less than what some spend in a month (or a week) on lottery tickets, plus your odds are much better!


Contest Website: WIN A COASTAL HOME
Contest Facebook Page: WIN A COASTAL HOME

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I am think of entering.  Will you?