I have been entering and winning consistently for the past seven years, yet for the past two we have only won one big grand prize and it came in my husband’s name. I wanted to know why I wasn’t winning “the big ones”. Then I discovered something interesting about the Law of Attraction and duality.

You have to be here to win, especially big. Let me explain. We live in a world of duality: on/off, up/down, happy/sad, win/lose, etc. I have a tendency to live in the future. What do I mean by that? Well, I am a planner. I like to plan my day, my week, my life because it gives me the illusion of control. (If you like to control your life and circumstances, I have bad news for you, you are not really in control. None of us are.) While I am busy planning, I am in the future at the meetings, events and trips. (This is different than visualization where you feel as if you are driving the new car now.) I found out if you are anywhere other than here, you are no where.

If you are no where, instead of now here (the duality), the Law of Attraction will not work. The three steps are: Ask, Believe and Receive. If you are no where, then it’s like placing and order, moving and not telling anyone. The order arrives, finds no one home and returns it undeliverable. The items gets put back in the warehouse and is delivered to the next person that places the order.

So, for the next little while I am not focusing on prizes or wins. I am focusing on being here. I am here, now. I am present, now. (It will be interesting to see if any of the orders I placed with the Universe in the past show up since I am now “at home”.)

I highly recommend listening the the four part webcast about Jill Bolte Taylor’s life changing experience and how she learned to live in the now.

I am now here and you can be too.