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  1. Always read the rules. This is my #1 entry tip because it’s the one thing people do the least. You do not want to inadvertently disqualify yourself.
  2. Feel like a winner! You have to think you are lucky before you are lucky.
    Learn how to Attract Luck
    [ for Canadians ] [ for Americans ]
  3. Visit online websites that specialize in the hobby and have links to currently running promotions or sign-up for a newsletter subscription listing new sweepstakes and contests.
    Canadian Contest Websites
    American Sweepstakes Websites
    Canadian Newsletters
    American Newsletters
  4. Join an online community. The real joy of this hobby is the people. You can find other contest enthusiasts in chat rooms, groups and forums, local clubs [ CAN or US ] and even conventions [ CAN or US ]. They share new promotions, answers, wins and losses. I have made real friends from this hobby and we get together whenever we can.
    Canadian Online Groups & Forums
    American Online Groups & Forums
  5. Use all five entry methods: in-person, call-in, mail-in, online (especially on social media) and text messaging. Doing so will maximize your odds of winning.
  6. Enter, Enter, Enter. The more you enter, the better your odds.
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  10. Buy You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter and learn how to maximize your entries, so you too can be a BIG winner!

I created this website to be a hub of all things  contesting. For additional links, visit the Resources webpage.

Track Your Wins
Download a blank copy of the spreadsheet to track your wins.