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Win an iPad!
Do you live near an industrial plant? Walk by a pumping station everyday on your way to work? Well, get out your camera and submit your pictures to Lenzr’s Beautiful Factories contest. Remember to write a small caption detailing the enterprise that's the subject of the image.
Open to Canada (no QC). Entries accepted until March 15th.
The prize is courtesy of Solarsoft Manufacturing Software.

Win a Resin Wicker Bistro Table and Two Chairs!
This contest is to show off Canada’s Best Outdoor Patios. Unless you have some pictures on your computer from last summer, or a vacation you had, your submission(s) will be buried under two feet of snow!
Open to Canada (no QC). Entries accepted until March 15th.
The prize is courtesy of Velago Patio Furniture.

Win an Animal Skin Rug!
This contest is very specific. It’s called On Stage At Home because, not only does your submission have to contain someone entertaining (magic show, kids dancing, karaoke, etc.), but the photo has to be indoors (no Shakespeare in the Park pictures allowed).
Open to Canada (no QC). Entries accepted until March 15th.
The prize is courtesy of the home stagers, Stirling Home Studio.

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Search Engine Contests

The SmartAss search engine is holding two contests per month: a Monthly Clue Contest & $250 SmartAss Comment Contest. They are open globally. Full rules.

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Have you just begun entering Facebook contests? In an attempt to increase their following, many companies are now holding Facebook contests. In order to access their contest tab to enter, you must first LIKE their page. Then, depending on the contest, you may be asked to get your friends to also LIKE the page and to post on the company’s wall who sent you. The person who gets the most people to LIKE the page wins. Same with asking for votes on a picture or video posted to a company wall. Sometimes things can turn nasty as some people have been accused of cheating to increase their odds of winning. I chose not to participate in those types of contests. I find they take up precious contesting time. I do enter Facebook contests that have a proper entry form or ask you to leave a comment to win a prize. I am not suggesting you do not participate. I am suggesting you be aware of the types of promotions you are entering, the time they take to enter and any pitfalls they may have.

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Would you like a pocket full of mad money? Would you like to cruise around town in a brand new set of wheels? Would you like to bask in the tropical sun?

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