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18th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention

WOW! I love attending conventions! We spent June 7-10 in Dearborn MI at the 18th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention (ANSC). There is nothing like being with fellow sweepers to get one excited and pumped about entering and winning. With almost 700 attendees it was quite a winning weekend.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with my first sweeping buddy, Carol McLaughlin. Carol has just taken over the This N That Sweepstakes Stuff from Deb Houin. Unlike other sweepstakes newsletters, This N That is like a paper sweepstaking club with articles and stories submitted by readers along with monthly prizes.

Lori, Carol and I

Maureen and I

Carol as a WINNER!

There was a total of six Canadians at this convention. After two years of chatting via email and on the phone, I got meet Lori Novak, owner of Canadian Contest Newsletter. Lori and her husband, Manny, had an absolute ball. I think I helped turn her into a convention addict and, like me, she will attend every convention she can!

I was also lucky enough to meet Maureen from Hicksville, OH. She is a member of The Affadaisies and was travelling when we went to visit Dortha and the other Affadaisies in Payne, OH last February.

Carol was the big winner at our banquet table winning a HUGE bucket of sweeping supplies.

With it being my third national US convention, I saw many friends. I didn’t know where to sit from session to session as I wanted to spend time with all of them. (If it looks like I wore the same thing all weekend, it’s because we waited until we were all dressed up for the banquet before wearing out our camera).


At my vendor table I had three raffles. I gave away a gift certificate for the American Edition of my book, a big bag full of all things Canadian (Did you know that until recently, they did not sell Coffee Crisp in the US and there was a petition?!) and a Lucky Basket full of Attracting Luck products from my online store. Deanna from Lavel, MD won the gift certificate, Dorothy from Normalville, PA won my Canadian Gift Bag and Phyllis from Marble Hill, MO won my Lucky Basket.

Me and Carolyn

I even have a Law of Attraction story from the convention. Two years ago at the ANSC I was lucky enough to win a 512MB MP3 player. I loaded it up and have played it so much the poor thing was starting to go wonky. The music would “get stuck” and I would either have to pop out the battery to reset it or wait, for up to 5 min., and it would begin to play again. I decided I needed another MP3 player. Being a contestor I refused to buy one. I was going to win one. There are five draw sessions at the national conventions. Four had passed and I had yet to win a thing. Then my name was called, WOO HOO! No, I did not win an MP3 player. I won a beautiful logoed denim jacket with a leather collar. As I was going from table to table promoting the Canadian convention to our US sweeping friends, Carolyn (she has a great name!), asked me if I was willing to trade prizes as she really liked the jacket. I asked, “what do you have to trade?” She said, “an MP3 player.” She is now the proud owner of a fabulous jacket and I am now the proud owner of an amazing 2GB MP3 player. The how is the domain of the Universe. Do not worry about how. Remember to ASK for what you want. BELIEVE you will receive it. Then ALLOW it into your life.

1st Annual National Contestors Convention

The 1st Annual National Contestors Convention (ANCC) will be held from September 21-23, 2007 at The Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

It is very exciting being part of the convention committee and helping plan all the fun and exciting activities for the attendees. Checkout our website as we have added in the raffle details. Hope to see you there!

2nd Annual Mini-Sweepstakes Convention

The 2nd Annual Mini-Sweepstakes Convention will be held from October 26-28, 2007 at the Holiday Inn in Grantville, Pennsylvania. Hope to see you there!

19th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention

The 19th Annual National Sweepstakes Convention will be held from August 29-31, 2008 at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Check out their website as it is chock full of information. Everything from registration pricing to area attraction links is listed.  Hope to see you there!


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Tips and Tricks

Bev from Winnipeg, MB sent in a great tip and a wonderful story:

The one tip that I have found very useful is to use a date book to write down the single entry contests as this is a very quick way to keep track of them.

The other thing is to read the rules very carefully to make sure you qualify. A few years ago Maybelline ran a contest where they were giving away five Mediterranean Cruises in Canada and fifty in the USA—just amazing prizes !! I entered a few forms, the closing date came and went and I was not notified. A couple of months after the draw I received a very exciting phone call that I was one of the winners. Apparently the rules stated that you were to not have access to the forms at your place of work and for this contest you needed to get a lawyer to be your witness. Whoever the winner was did not return the waiver and so my name was chosen as an alternative. This was just an amazing cruise and on board the ship we had what was called the "bus stop" where you could go any time of the day to talk contesting. There were just some amazing contest winners onboard.

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Good Evening Carolyn:
I have a question in regards to the skill testing questions.  What does (63/7) + (5x11) mean?  I'm questioning the first part (63/7) is that 63 divided by 7?  I've checked the archives and unless I missed it, I could not find any clarification on this. Obviously I'm very new at this (2.5 months) but really enjoy this new hobby of mine even though I haven't won yet. I know it's only a matter of time. Enjoy reading your newsletter!  Thanks for the advice. I desperately need it.......
Prince Albert, SK

Hello JR,
You are right, / = divide. So (63/7) + (5x11) = is calculated out like this: 63/7 = 9 then 5x11 = 55 then 9 + 55 = 64.

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