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We are gathering articles of interest. They are archived by their published date. Articles featuring Carolyn, or The Contest Queen can be found here. All articles are in Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise noted.

2011.09.12 Is Your Facebook contest illegal?
By Kristen Squires ClearRiver Advertising & Marketing account service representative
2011.09.12 With online contests, walk a fine line
Part Three: Online Contests by Ivor Tossell, Special to Globe and Mail Update
2010.09.05 Rules for running an online contest
Part Two: Online Contests by Ivor Tossell, Special to Globe and Mail Update
2011.08.29 Want to Rope in customers? Run an online contest
Part One: Online Contests by Ivor Tossell, Special to Globe and Mail Update
2010.08.16 And the Winner Is… You
Entrepreneurs find that contests can be a great way to boost their business by Louise Lee, The Wall Street Journal
2010.07.26 Contest junkie turns party host
by Debbie Bruce,
2009.10.07 How Monty Hall made a deal with fame
by Martin Knelman,
2009.10.02 City senior wins car in national contest
by W.Brice McVicar, The Intelligencer
2009.09.27 What to be a winner? Here’s how
by Rose Panieri, The Herald News
2009.09.19 Contest glitch puts Future Shop on hot seat
by Ellen Roseman
2009.08.06 Controversy Cubed
Nissan’s groundbreaking Cube launch illustrates how, in the age of social media, following the letter of the contest law isn’t enough by Matt Semansky, Marketing Magazine
2009.03.20 Firms’ marketing departments are big winners in contest mania
by John Heinzl, Globe and Mail
2008.12.01 Contestants spend 55 days in truck
by The Associated Press
2008.11.14 Contest Queen wins big
by Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9
2008.10.11 Nashua man finds 10,000 reasons to answer the door
by Albert McKeon Staff Writer, Nashua Telegraph
2008.09.28 A winning ‘red’ carpet moment
by Kevin Cowherd,
2008.09.24 The stuff of winning contests
by Traci Rader, Times Correspondent
2008.09.10 ‘Sweepers’ clean up
You can too, they say, in ever-more-popular sweepstakes. But bagging the big win takes work. by Natalie Pompilio, for The Inquirer
2008.08.28 Family wins sweepstakes that nearly went unclaimed
Notifications thought to simply be junk e-mail by Tim Gelles, Gazette.Net Maryland Community Newspapers Online
2008.08.06 Easy money, but hard living
More people drawn to contests and sweepstakes as economic times get tough, but winners find prizes come at a price by Dahleen Glanton, Chicago Tribune correspondent
2008.05.27 Scam artists play ‘dialing for dollars’
by Lawrence Walsh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2008.05.24 Bad Marketing takes contest users aback
by James Daw,
2008.03.08 Sweepstakes Addicts Win Big!
‘Sweepers’ Treat Entering Contests Like A Job And Have The Rewards To Show For It by Ron Claiborne and Michael Milberger
2008.02.28 Local woman wins sweepstakes
by Jason Smith, The
2008.02.13 Win a free divorce at W.Va. radio station
Canoe Network, cnews
2008.02.07 Winner Takes All
Inside the prize-filled trophy home of a seemingly obsessive compulsive contest enterer by Caitlin E. Curran, The Phoenix
2008.01.30 Local woman wins truck through online sweepstakes
by Kelly Young, Your Jacksonville Daily Progress
2008.01.27 Donna wins the luckiest job on earth
by Lana Verco, The Sydney Morning Herald
2007.10.00 Do you suffer from bad luck?
by Adrian Savage
2007.09.23 Contest winner: It’s more about persistence than luck
by Susan Gilmore, Seattle Times staff reporter
2007.09.02 Winners have a stake in dozens of contests
by Paula Lloyd, McClatchy Newspapers
2007.07.14 Raffle ticket sales champs have lucky edge
by Hillary Wundrow, Daily News staff writer
2007.06.23 Yo, ho ho! Local company goes after ‘Pirates’ deal
Burlingame’s Limbo 41414 plans text messaging contest with movie, book tie-ins by Aaron Kinney,
2007.06.21 Weltys get traveling call
Internet contest sends family to Cleveland by Nathan Lindquist, The Register-Mail
2007.06.12 Want to win big? Talk to Rosemary
by Joan Ransberry, Staff Writer –
2007.05.17 Author Terry Ryan, 60 dies in San Francisco Home
Terry Ryan, author of the bestselling book, “The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less,” died Wednesday at her home in San Francisco. She was 60.
2007.03.18 The Secret life of self-help books
Ask. Believe. Receive. Or not… by Murray Whyte/Toronto Star
2007.02.00 Want to win $10,000 a year?
With enough persistence, you don’t need luck
2006.12.00 Get Lucky! by Susanne Ruder
From the December 2006 issue of PROFIT magazine.
2006.11.26 ‘The Secret’ to Success?
Hit Internet Movie Claims to Reveal Centuries-Old Secret to Getting What You Want in Life by Frank Mastropolo
2006.08.29 Gimme, gimme gets
They’ve got it, you want it, here’s how to get it all for free
2006.08.23 Choose winning way with all 10 digits in one system
It’s a three-digit maximum-effort boxing system that uses all 10 of the possible digits and should only be used when conditions are right.
2006.08.18 Hollywood, the I.R.S. Is Watching
Hollywood celebrities who show up at awards ceremonies and leave with armloads of booty can expect one more item with their gift baskets: a tax form.
2006.03.08 Rim-rolling girls fight for prize
Found cup leads to spat over vehicle
2006.03.07 Roll up rim to win without a coffee
If the Roll Up The Rim To Win contest at Tim Hortons has become a Canadian spring ritual, then surely the number of people expected to cop free cups to play is a national shame.
2006.02.22 Eight share $365M US lottery win
Eight lottery players in the US have shared $365M (£210m) jackpot – the biggest win in the game’s history.
2005.12.22 Catalan town blessed with massive wins in lottery
Christmas lottery, showering $612 million US in winnings on a town with the bite-size name of Vic.
2005.10.29 Slow payout OK by kicker
Gets $25Gs a year over 40 years
2005.10.27 $1 million kick
Toronto – Brian Diesbourg made the kick that mattered Thursday night.
2005.10.20 Constant contestants
A new breed of enter-to-win enthusiasts are answering all the skill-testing questions they can in order to win big.
2005.06.18 The burning issue of Quebec’s exclusion from North American contests
Void in Puerto Rico, Quebec and New York. This legal small print appears on all almost 90% of North American sweepstakes and contests.
2005.01.09 Quebecers often excluded from contests due to red tape
by Ross Marowits, Canoe Network (CNEWS)
2003.01.04 Want to win big bucks? Let your computer be your guide
by Renee Huang, The Globe and Mail
1940.10.21 Contestor’s Holiday
Into Manhattan last week trooped 221 delegates to the National Contesters’ Association’s fourth annual convention.