Sweepstakes Lesson Learned!

I received a winning email notification today. It looked odd, so I went back to the contest and read the rules.

You think I would learn.

Always read the rules BEFORE entering.

They are not well written. Incomplete, but complete enough to know you get roped into a long contract for something I don’t want or need.

1. Must live in the service Area.
2. Must have high-speed internet and strong Wi-Fi signal for Door bell. Must know Wi-Fi password.
3. Door must be 2 inches thick to install deadbolt, if not we will give client $50 to hire a lock smith to install it.
4. Depending on the structure of the home, the technician may need to run wires which may be exposed. If there is anything in the home obstructing the Technician’s ability to properly run wires and install the system Technician will advise the winner.
5. If the participant chooses to forfeit the installations due to aesthetic concerns. We will not proceed with the Agreement, installation or package to Blue Mountain. No charge will be applied to the customer. All giveaways become null and void.
6. Availability of colour may be limited due to high demand of the contest. If the participant would like to wait for colour availability they may do so, however there will be no guarantee that the required colour will be restocked, other colour options will be available.
7. Participant is responsible for a 42 Month Monitoring Agreement at $69.99. The first 6 months is on us and you will receive $949.06 which can be used to pay the next 12 months of monitoring in the agreement. The first 18 months are on us!
8. Participant will be notified within the first 6 months, once the Blue Mountain Village Suite becomes available. Suites sleep four (4). We will provide you with a minimum 30 day notice of the date you are booked for.
9. Participant agree to have their information released, announced on Battikha’s Facebook/Instagram page to advise the public they Won the Giveaway!
Terms & Conditions for accommodation at Blue Mountain Suites
4 Days / 3 Nights stay at Blue Mountain Suites
10. Battikha covers the costs for ACCOMMODATION ONLY for 4 days and 3 nights
11. Participants are responsible for additional charges should they wish to extend their stay beyond the 4 days and 3 nights or wish to upgrade their suite
12. Participants are responsible for providing Blue Mountain Resort with their own credit card for incidentals during their stay
13. Participants are responsible for costs of additional persons staying in the suite, special requirements such as, but not limited to, requests for additional beds, cribs, spa services, etc.
14. Participants are responsible for costs of ALL their food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), activities, entertainment, equipment rentals etc.
15. Participants MUST abide by the rules of the establishment
16. Only one (1) qualification / offer per household
17. Offer is based on a signed 42 Month monitoring term Agreement at $69.99
*Battikha Security Inc. is a registered promoter for various companies therefore Battikha Security Inc assumes no responsibility for delays, lost/misplaced/stolen property, cancellations, reschedules, situations caused through human error or conditions due to nature or an act of God.
*Participants releases and waives all right of recovery against Battikha Security Inc.
*Participants agree that Battikha Security Inc. shall be exempt from any / all liability from loss, damage or injury due directly or indirectly to occurrences or consequences arising from their stay at the Blue Mountains Village Suite via this promotional offer.
BSI Assumes no liability in Trademark /copyright disputes. The Logos, Images, videos, designs, and Trademarks which are printed /posted are reproduced ONLY to show examples of gift card companies. They are not to be construed as products of brand name endorsements by or for the trademark owner
All terms and conditions of the agreement must be honored and adhered to.

Then I went back and looked at their entry page.

Clearly MY fault.

They are upfront about the conditions of entry. If I read the page properly, instead of jumping straight to the entry page I wouldn’t have entered.

I replied to their email with this:

No thank you. I went back and read your rules, which are not Criminal Code or Competition Act compliant. Please draw another name and delete my profile/contact information. I will not be buying or using a security system.
They sent back a nice reply.
We will remove your info. Thank you very much.
Special Promotions

Help Instead of Criticizing

I realized they are a small business trying to drum up business using a contest. However, they have gone about it completely the wrong way. Instead of thinking the worst. I will assume the best. I am betting they do not know this particular marketing tactic isn’t going to garner them the results they are seeking. I will contact them this week and discuss more a optimal marketing solution.
What would you do if you ‘won’?
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About the Author:

Carolyn Wilman (aka @ContestQueen) is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Sweepstakes Specialist. Carolyn teaches others how to Find, Organize, Enter and Win giveaways along with working with companies to create, and viral market, winning promotions maximizing ROI and loyal customers.


  1. Kay September 4, 2018 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Interesting- bait and 💰..

  2. Carole September 4, 2018 at 11:15 pm - Reply

    If it is 69.99 for 6 months yes, and local company. if it’s 69.99 a month for 6 months no.

  3. Christina Zawadiwsky September 5, 2018 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    What does Criminal Code and Competition Act compliant mean? I would have done the same thing, said no to receiving the prize, but I would not have known these terms, which seem to carry a lot of weight.

    • Carolyn
      Carolyn September 6, 2018 at 3:26 pm - Reply

      They do carry a lot of weight. All contests in Canada must comply with specific clauses in the Criminal Code and Competition Act, which is why companies should hire a Promotional Lawyer to write their official rules. They must be able to withstand court action.

  4. Chris Logan September 6, 2018 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Your #7 and my #7 vary in the wording significantly.

    7. Participant is responsible for a 42 Month Monitoring Agreement at $69.99 plus tax. The first 6 months is on us and you will receive $69.99 per month for 36 months. Participant will be responsible for the tax of $9.09 per month for the 36 months.

    • Carolyn
      Carolyn September 6, 2018 at 3:24 pm - Reply

      Strange. I copied mine right from the site. I wonder if they changed the wording after getting many ‘winners’ turning down the prize?

  5. Tanya Taylor September 8, 2018 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    Nice win, but glad you caught this before committing! I don’t think I would have entered just from looking at the entry page. When I first started sweeping (and didn’t know what I was doing), I probably would have entered…in fact, I entered ANY and everything back then. I finally got a grip and decided that I needed rules too! 1) I have to like the prize, 2) I have to have the time, and 3) I have to enjoy entering. This sweepstakes failed rule #1 because of the words “monitoring agreement”. I wouldn’t enter a contest were a contract is required. These three rules keep me in the zen zone 🙂

  6. Theresa Moore September 13, 2018 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    I am very very new in the sweepstakes world, but one piece of advice I am trying to follow is to read the rules. I would hate to enter for something great only to find out I am not eligible. This is yet another reason I have readers in every room. 🙂

  7. Margaret Palmer October 6, 2018 at 9:03 am - Reply

    I won and my husband was sceptical about accepting. Their rep came to our home and spent 1 1/2 hrs. explaining. Installed it 2 days ago. So far happy with it. I am submitting the certificate to our home insurance company and will receive a discount. The only downside to me is if they go bankrupt. We could be responsible for up to 3 years of monitoring. You own the equipment. I doubt they will go bankrupt. The rules say you need a 3” thick door for them to install rather than hiring a locksmith for which they will give $50. to install. Not true.

    • Carolyn
      Carolyn October 10, 2018 at 1:38 pm - Reply

      Thank you for posting you decided to accept the alarm offer. I hope they are around for a long time and you get the services you signed up for.

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