Ron Miller of PowersweepstakingThis is the third update I will have posted about Ron Miller of Powersweepstaking as he travels down a tough road of healing.

Today his daughter Lindsay messaged me and asked I forward the link to his Go Fund Me page to the contest community at large.

Here is what she posted online:

As some of you may know, my Dad was diagnosed with a rare non-Hodgkin’s T cell lymphoma earlier last year. I am unable to be by my dad and mom’s side, due to living out of state, as I regularly visit when my husband and I can. My family is outpouring with love and support physically, emotionally and mentally. Although my dad (and mom) have this support, they need a little more help along the way. My mom is the only one bringing in any income in their household and my dad needs constant transportation to and from Columbus, Ohio which is an hour and a half from where they live. So a lot of money and miles to travel. My aunt and uncle take him almost every week to receive chemotherapy. This is my dad’s third attempt at receiving a chemotherapy that is effective. The other two, unfortunately did not work. So time is ticking and so he is undergoing his 2nd clinical study. In this 7 week study he will fight off nausea and fatigue, hopefully maintain his weight and appetite and battle this terrible awful f’ed up thing called cancer. And it’s right what people say “cancer sucks”. In 7 weeks we are hoping for remission. After remission comes a bone marrow transplant. Last year he was told after his 2nd clinical he would receive the transplant by using his own bone marrow, but now it is in his bones to where this type of transplant will not be effective without a donor. So now we have this. With this bone marrow transplant he will be in the hospital for 30 days and after 30 days, he will have to live temporarily in a nearby housing facility with a 24/7 caregiver (aka family members will be rotating) for two and a half months. With any sort of donation from you would be something of a miracle to help my dad and mom in need. If my mom had a little help financially she could be my dads 24/7 caregiver for two and half months and for the rest of his life!
Thank you in advance for all of your love & support. Oh and fuck cancer.

Please donate if you feel moved to. My heart continues to break and I am praying. I will keep you updated.

Please leave your messages for Ron below.