Roll Up the Rim Etiquette – Agree or Disagree?

RRROLL UP THE RIM TO WIN Etiquette: How to Properly RollGrayson Miller wrote a blog post titled: RRROLL UP THE RIM TO WIN Etiquette: How to Properly Roll on Style Democracy. Read his post for full list descriptions, but here is my take, as a contestor on his advice.

NOTE: This advice can be used for any cup style giveaway, not just Tim Horton’s.

1) Don’t Roll Your Friend’s Rim.


Unless they ask for help, you are taking the fun and excitement away from them.

2) Don’t assume your prize is the only prize you can get!


This tip is good for all contests. I have had sponsors substitute a prize or a similar experience based on conflicts in schedule, product availability, etc. It always worked out for everyone.

3) Do Not Call it a RIM JOB.


Just tacky.

4) Unrolled Rims in the Garbage are off limits.


Is he nuts?! Someone may have thrown out a car!! I must teach him how to PIN code hunt, or as the Brits say, womble.

5) Whoever Rolls the Rim wins the rim.


If you buy coffee for a friend, if you say nothing and they roll up a big prize, it’s theirs. However, I ensure if I buy coffee for friends, I stay as I hand them the cup, what ever you win we share. No one has ever said no.

6) Don’t Try to use your Roll Up Winnings at McDonald’s.


Again, tacky.

7) Have a safe spot for your Roll Up Winnings.


If you are like me, and put things in ‘a safe place’, then forget where that is, use your wallet so they won’t get lost and get used. (See next point.)

9) Use Up your Rollups.


I am famous for leaving coupons in my wallet until they expire. There is no excuse as many visit Tim Horton’s every day.

10) Bring the Entire Cup With you if you Win!


As many people do not read the rules (my number one tip) they were tearing off the side stating they had won, without realizing they also required the special code on the opposite side to claim their coffee, donut, etc.

11) If you already drive a 2016 Honda Civic , give it a break.


How is trying to win a duplicate vehicle a bad thing?

Do you agree or disagree?

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  1. Nicole February 3, 2017 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Haha! I agree with you! If I find a cup on the street or recycle bin, I can roll it! Yes, I PIN code hunt, etc too.

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