CBC News shared a story about how you can Roll Up The Rim without buying coffee. Well, we sweepers already know that. We also know, due to the price point of the beverages, it’s not worth it.

How to roll up the rim without buying coffee

Why is there even a No Purchase Entry option? It’s the law. Really.

Contests and sweepstakes are governed by promotional laws. They vary from country to country and state/province by state/province, but all companies running a sweepstakes must follow them. It’s why contests by a sponsor, whose products have a low dollar value, allow you to mail-in to garner an entry. Some add you in the drawing. Some will mail or email you back a code for you to enter.

Last year I wrote this blog post: Why I Rarely Submit No Purchase Entries Any More outlining the fact postage rates have now outstripped the cost. The article repeats what I have said for years. Unless the dollar value of the purchase is higher than postage, spend your money on the coffee, chocolate, soda pop, etc.

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How often do you take advantage of the No Purchase Entry rules clause?