Read the Rules, NOW!

My #1 tip is to always read the rules. You think I would learn by now I need to heed my own advice. And this lesson has a twist!

We went to the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District. It was so much fun. Of course I spot the biggest contest ever!

Werther’s had set up a massive box and you had to guess the number of candies. I took pictures of every angle, even the back to calculate out my guess.

They had two sets of rules posted. So, I thought I was good.

Now here is the important lesson … I didn’t read the full set of rules until I got home. I grimaced when I read this clause:

To enter the Contest, during the Contest Period, use the hashtag #WINwithWerthers to post your guess on the number of Werther’s Original candies inside the present, together with a picture of you, either alone or with friends and family, next to the present, on either your Twitter or Instagram account (an “Entry”). 

UGH! I only took pictures of the box. Never did take one with me or us. I could have Photoshopped us in, but that felt like cheating. As it didn’t end for a few weeks I still had time to go back, but with my busy schedule I doubted I would have time.

I should have entered anyway as the short rules didn’t indicate you had to be in the picture. Plus if I had the sense to do a search on Instagram or Twitter many were not in the picture either. One of our guesses was 2017 …

(UPDATE: I can’t locate the winning post and the actually answer.)

Don’t make the same mistake I did if you spot a pop-up contest.

Do you remember to read the online rules on the spot?

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