Are You a Winner or a Loser?

How would you spend your money if you won the lottery?

The National Endowment for Financial Education points to research that estimates 70 per cent of people who unexpectedly come into large sums of money will lose it within seven years.

It;s becasue most people have no idea how to handle suddenly receiving large sums of money. It’s Why So Many Lottery Winners Go Broke and Why most lottery winners end up losing their new fortune.

I found several YouTube video series featuring the best and worst lottery winners.


10 Dumbest Lottery Winners Ever

10 Stupid Lottery Winners

10 Stupid Lottery Winners (Part 2)

10 Stupid Lottery Winners (Part 3)


The Smartest Lottery Winners

5 Smart Lottery Winners

10 Smartest Lottery Winners

10 Most Generous Lottery Winners

There are far more where they came from! Lots more winners and losers out there. To see more click here to watch all those I found during my research.

This is why I stick to sweepstakes. I am a miser and love that I can enter for free and my odds of winning are far greater! That said, I do occasionally buy lottery tickets and dream of what I would do with the money. You can bet I would be in the top 30%!

Do you dream of winning ‘the big one’?

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