mapsI believe it will.

Normally, I would not discuss politics on this blog. However, I believe the 2016 election results will change the face of sweepstakes; on both sides of the hobby.

Here is what changes I believe we will see happen with promotions over the next 12-48 months, specifically related to travel contests.


Contestors in the United States will choose to only enter travel sweepstakes with prizes limited to the 50 states and Washington D.C.

Contestors outside of the United States will choose to avoid all travel sweepstakes with prizing to the United States and instead, focus on prizes to all other parts of the world.


When the above occurs, based upon promotional analytics, marketers in the United States will stop offering global travel prizes and global marketers will stop offering travel prizes to the United States.

Companies do not host giveaways from the goodness of their hearts. It’s all about results, as all marketing activities must eventually result in sales. If entrants are not longer entering specific sweepstakes out of fear, anger, etc., then marketers will change tack to one that will garner results they are seeking.


This will mean the end of all experiential travel prizing, for anyone not living in the United States, to great events such as: sports finals (eg. the Super Bowl), award shows (eg. the Oscars), meeting celebrities (eg. at movie premiers), etc., and Americans will no longer be able to enjoy world travel for free.

So what could you win instead? I believe there will be an increase in electronics prizing along with gift cards. Both are easier to manage for agencies and are enjoyed by anyone.

Are there any contests you will no longer enter?