The Adventure of Attending an Advanced Screening

Last week I won movie passes from Mr. Will Wong to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. I was super excited because I thought it was a red carpet premier, not just an advanced screening.

To understand why I was so excited, read my blog post When is a Movie not Just a Movie? about my crazy adventures off the red carpet. Since I won the tickets from Will, for some reason I got it in my head that last night’s screening would be a similar experience to what I blogged about.

It was not. That said, my daughter and I had other adventures. So you never know when an where an adventure can occur.

1) When we arrived I realized I was wrong about the red carpet part of the event. I was OK with that.

2) Then as we lined up my daughter was expecting to hand over our cellphones and get wanded as we walked in. Me too. Nothing. There was no security what so ever. I don’t recall the last time I went to such a big film with no security.

SIDE NOTE: The movie was great. The exact type of action film you expect to see.

3) As Cineplex is currently hosting the Peel & Pop contest, I told my daughter we were going to stay after the movie and walk around to all the abandoned popcorn bags and cups to collect codes. As the lights came up I noticed several people start to quickly movie collect tabs. WOW! I have never had competition before. After all the scrambling was said and done, I ended up with four codes.

It felt like a blast from the past when my friend Janet and I collected Coke codes at a Blue Rodeo concert. Just not as sticky.

peel n pop

I chose to enter the codes at 7:00am when I woke up and won a free drink, a free movie ticket and 100 Scene points.

Have you ever collected PIN codes at a public event?

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  1. Nicole July 31, 2015 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    Pin Code hunting is a fun treasure hunt! I do look for pin codes when out & about.
    Congrats on your wins!

  2. JacquelineinAtlanta July 31, 2015 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    Glad you got to see a great movie for free plus now, another one! We have been to several screenings. Some were just a movie, some were events.

    When my kids were in band, I would volunteer to clean up the stands after the game. Besides doing a good deed, I absolutely cleaned up on Coke points. Every Cmas I got both kids a couple of very cool prizes that we could never have drunk enough pop to order!

    Doncha just love this hobby?!

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