We live in tough economic times. Money is not easy to come by and it seems everyone could use a little helping hand.

Luckily, there are some creative ways to land a few extra bucks in your pocket. The secret is online instant win sweepstakes. One of the best parts about these sweepstakes is that you win instantly the prize shown on screen – be it cash, groceries, or even gold. Playing an instant win game is almost like buying a scratch off lottery ticket and scratching off the numbers to reveal your prize. It’s exciting and fun. And Wham! You see if you won a prize. Except with free online sweepstakes you won’t have to fork over $1 to the convenience store clerk to play. Playing is 100% free!

For example, Pepperidge Farm right now is sponsoring a huge promotion called Pepperidge Farm “Celebrating 75 Years” Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes. You can instantly win $75 in groceries or a coupon for free Pepperidge Farm bread. Everyday from now until mid-March there will be five daily winners of $75 of groceries and 70 daily winners of a free bread coupon.

To play is really simple and fun. First sign-up at You’ll need to enter your basic information like name and address. Optionally, you can subscribe to the Pepperidge Farm e-newsletter but that won’t affect your chances of winning. Then enter the free game code given, hit enter, and wait for the winning message to appear on screen! Once the button is pressed, the feeling is like pulling a slot machine’s lever. The anticipation grips you. If you’ve won, the message on your computer screen will say “Congratulations, you’ve won!”. Otherwise, “Sorry, you’re not an instant winner today.” Even if you don’t win, you can still come back again tomorrow and play once daily.

It’s worth noting that to be eligible to play, you’ll need to be 18 years of age or older and live in fifty United States or District of Columbia.

Don’t forget – besides the instant win game there is also a sweepstakes grand prize of $75,000 cash! So even if you are not an instant winner, you still earn a sweepstakes entry towards this huge jackpot every time you play the instant win game.

Pepperidge Farm is sponsoring this mega promotion to celebrate their 75th year anniversary. Pepperidge farm is a beloved brand, and they make such goodies as Goldfish crackers and my personal favorite – Nantucket Double Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies!

If you need cash or quick money for things like – say groceries – why not try online instant win games and sweepstakes? They’re a great option. Not only are instant win games fun to play (like a lottery scratch off card), but you can win real money right on the spot. I wish you Good Luck in your sweepstakes adventures!

About the Author: Todd Julian runs the sweepstakes blog Sweepstakes Fanatics. He enjoys blogging and Internet marketing.