sales funnelOn my blog post I Win Every Contest I Enter, Kimberly left the following comment:

This is so true! I enter lots and have won several major prizes but i definitely lose so much more than I win. I not only do it because I love winning, but also because I enjoy it as a hobby. If it quits being fun for me, I won’t keep entering. Several of my friends want to know how I win, so I will try to get them started. They stick with it about a week or so, and then quit because they didn’t win.

It occurred to me I didn’t go into enough detail in my blog post Using The Sales Funnel to Win Prizes.  As I discussed the first aspect of the sales funnel model is to put in many prospects to garner a few sales or in a contestor’s case, to submit hundreds of entries to win one sweepstakes.

What I didn’t discuss was the second aspect, the 90-day rule.  On average, from the day a salesmen begins cold calling, it takes, on average three months to make the first sale.  Similar to sales, it takes time before the wins begin to roll in.  You only need to read the rules to see this is true.  How long is the entry period and when are they doing the drawing?  A giveaway you enter today may not end for another month, or more.  Then a week or two before the drawing is done.  That said, you could win a local promotion with a short entry period, or win instantly in the next contest you enter.

Again, to quote Dortha Schaefer, she said it best in The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, ” No matter how many kids you might have, I’m a firmly convinced that a person can find time to do the things they want to do, and you and I must want to contest.”