This morning on my local radio station (@Kiss925) the DJs (@RozWeston & @Mocha925) were discussing how the show Pawn Wars was all setup.  I had to call in and discuss with them how ALL of those shows have an element of leading questions, set-up scenarios, etc. as I was in the premier of High Stakes Sweepers that aired on TLC in 2011.   The film crew was at my house for 2 days, shot 16 hours of film and only 11 minutes made it into the final show.  Now when I watch other shows on TLC I can almost see the production crew there and see how they are leading the storyline in the direction they want it to go to create drama.

When Roz and Mocha found out I was a “professional” contestor – I hate that term as I do not earn my living winning, but that’s a whole ‘nuther blog post – they began asking me a heap of questions.  They were shocked at how I could enter so many in a short period of time.

The entire secret to this hobby is to be organized! 

If you are organized, and use form-filling software, you can submit about 100 entries in an hour.  My current tool of choice is RoboForm (@RoboForm).  I use it to both organize my sweepstakes, contests and giveaways along with using it to fill out online forms faster.  I also use it for it’s original intention, a password keeper.  I have the Everywhere version (vs the free version) as it allows me to save unlimited Passcards on multiple machines.  As I have hundreds of Passcards and I use a laptop, netbook and tablet, I would be lost without it.  There are other programs out there such as Last Pass (@LastPass) and Type It In, but I began with RoboForm in 2003 and I never changed, so I can’t give an educated opinion on any other program.


What tools to you use to enter online and/or organize your contests, sweepstakes and giveaways?


Carolyn WilmanCarolyn Wilman (aka @ContestQueen) is the author of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. She teaches others how to find, organize, enter and win contests, sweepstakes and giveaways. To-date others have won over $1,000,000 using her Online Contesting System. With over twenty years experience as a Marketing Consultant, Carolyn also helps companies create, and viral market, winning promotions.