Are Contest Winnings Taxable?


I recently received this question from Brenna:

I was wondering how contest winnings are taxable? If so, how does that work?  I thought I’d ask you since I know you are Canadian and have been contesting for years.  I just started in November.

I would like to tell everyone if you have a question, first check my website as I have been writing and blogging on various sweepstakes and contest topics for almost a decade.  You can either use keywords in the search bar found in the upper right hand side of every page or use Google and specify my website in the Advanced Search feature.

I answered Brenda’s question on January 9th in my post called Death & Taxes along with links to six other posts on the topic.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, get it answered here! Email me and I’ll blog about it so everyone can learn and grow as a sweeper.

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