Top 5 Sweepstakes Entry Questions: #5

Question #5:  I never win.  What can I do to guarantee I’ll win prizes?

There are two actions you need to take in order to be a winner.

1) You need to think you are a winner and you need to believe you are lucky, before you are.
Read some of my favourite books if you want to understand this concept further: The Secret, The Attractor Factor, Ask and it is Given, The Law of Attraction.

2) You need to enter, enter, enter…
I win 5-15+ prizes per month, month after month, and I have done since January 2004 (when I started using a spreadsheet to track my wins).  I also only win about 1% of what I enter, so… I enter a lot.  I submit 100-300 entries per day, everyday, seven days a week.

I can’t guarantee you will win, but I have never met anyone that has begun to enter on a daily basis that didn’t win.  It’s only a matter of time.


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