Months ago Wendy emailed me. She required my help and encouragement.  A pair of radio stations in her city had teamed up to give away a house. They were taking 700 qualifiers for a key-turn competition and Wendy had qualified.  She was on disability and her husband was unemployed. She was desperate to win the house as it would change their lives, their fortune.

I told her to banish desperation from her mind as it would only push her desire away from her.  I told Wendy to listen to the interview I did with Helene, take her advice, and go win her house.

This is the email I just got from Wendy:

I just wanted to follow-up on my email to you. You may remember I qualified on the radio through our two local radio stations; Rock 95 and 107.5 Kool FM. 700 contestants, over approximately four months qualified for a chance to turn a key to the house. On Friday May 8th, we attended the Gala Party, where upon entry you deposited your ballot with assigned number into a drum. Throughout the evening there were thirty numbers selected. Mine came up in second to last group of five. All thirty of us came to stage where thirty actual keys were in a fish bowl. You would pick a key from the bowl and try to open the door. Twenty-one people before me were unsuccessful. I chose the key that opened the door to a $250.000.00 home.

2 DAYS PRIOR TO THIS EVENT YOU SENT ME THE LINK TO HELEN HADSELL I LISTENED,…..I SELECTED, PROJECTED, EXPECTED AND COLLECTED. Is it a coincidence? This is my biggest win so far. Like the words in Elton Johns’ song SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT. I am on disability and with my husband out of work, we just had signed the papers to re-mortgage our current home to pay off debts. We were able to cancel the re-mortgage because of this wonderful event, and that is my story. THANK YOU!

I feel my purpose is to teach others how to bring more fun, excitement (and even prizes) into their everyday lives.  I am so glad I was able to help Wendy do just that.

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